Light Meter

Light meter is a tool in your camera that tells you if you have enough light to take a picture

We use a reflected light-meter : reads light reflected off subject

Symbols: green dot=correct

red + = over-exposed (too much light)

red – = under-exposed (not enough light)

You are always aiming for “the middle.” ┬áIf your light meter is reading + or – you need to adjust the fstop and/or shutter speed to get a correct exposure.

Just because you have a correct exposure, DOES NOT mean it will be a “good” picture.

The light meter will change it’s reading based on:

-available light

-the value of the subject of your photo

To activate your light meter:

-put batteries in the camera

-turn the camera on

-look through the view finder

-focus on the subject

-depress the shutter release button half way to see the light meter scale

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