Final Exam Project-Portfolio Website

Create a personalized portfolio website to highlight your best work from this year.

This project will count as 20% of your course grade, so give it the time and effort it deserves!


Your final website portfolio will be graded not only on the quality of the works included, but the overall site design.


Note: if you have a website from previous years or course, please feel free to continue working on this one.  Just consider taking some time to update it and eliminate works you may no longer feel best represent you as an artist.


If you have to make a website for two courses this year, you can combine them. Just be sure to touch base with all teachers involved, and be sure to include all of the required elements from all courses.

Deadline checkpoints that will count as a homework grade:

4/20 – Website URL (Consider,,,

– All work photographed and saved to google drive photo folder



Home Page

Minimum Requirements:

Autobiographical Image

Your Name





Artist Statement/About Page

Minimum Requirements:

3 paragraphs:



 What viewers can expect when looking at the site

Link to influences





       Portfolio Pages

Minimum Requirements:

2 works from 1st semester

1 Contact sheet


3 works from 2nd Semester

1 Sketchbook Page








Site Design

Site Theme


No evidence of template images or text


Cohesive and non-distracting Overall Design


Ease/Clarity of Site Navigation







Additional Elements

List additional elements here:





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