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Building on what we have learned this year, photo students set out on an adventure to the South West.  With the help of a student impact grant from the CHSN PTSA, landscape photographer Michael Malandra provided workshops and hands on experience both before and during the trip.

Stay tuned for an exhibit of work after our post editing sessions with Mike.





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Photo Workshops

Photo Gear List to discuss

Bergen County Camera


I’m really excited aboutrunning a photo trip to the Grand Canyon over spring break (April 25-29,2016)!

The trip will include visits to multiple national parks, hiking/rafting and of course guidance and opportunity to take GREAT landscape photos!

If you think you are interested/available for this trip, please:

-review the program website and tentative itinerary:

Tentative Intinerary

-and register!

Photographer, Mike Malandra, with be running several landscape photography workshops with us prior to the trip.  Check out his amazing work. Look in the galleries link under “fine art photography.”


Mrs. Diamond’s Photos:

sw tree bryce canyon     














Bryce Canyon


antelope2 antelope1

Antelope Canyon

zionZion National Park, The Narrows

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