Flash Photography

Flash Photography

  • Flash is used in low light situatios ( low light- below f8 AND shutter speed 60, night-time, indoors, fill-flash situations)
  • Your flash will be good at illumimatimg at  4 to 10 feet
  • You don’t want to be to close to your subject matter when your using flash
  • Your flash is a,very strong light source cuasing cast shadows (move people away from the wall)
  • Another name for a flash- “oncamera strobe”

How a Flash Works:

  • The flash is over-riding the the shutter speeed, your syncing your flash to the camera body, don’r have to read your light meter
  • You should have your F-stop, set at F-22 when shooting (letting the least amount of light into camera)
  • Keep your flash at  a 45 degree angle (pointing up a little bit)























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