CHSN Shoot

Still Life

( altering f stop to acquire enough light)

Take 1-2 shots of the three still life set-ups: white still life, black still life, mixed white and black still life


-pre-set your camera to f16 and shutter speed of 125

-stand no more than 3 feet from your subject.

-fill the viewfinder with the subject. Consider composition, alter your vantage point



-adjust your f-stop to get a “middle” reading

-document the subject and the setting on your chart

take the picture

Repeat for all 3 still life set-ups


(altering f-stop to change the depth of field)

Working with another student in the class, set your model about 4 feet in front of a background (ex: brick wall, leaves, etc).

Take 3 headshot portraits at 3 different f-stops: f22, f8, f4


–  As you alter the f-stop you will also need to change the shutter speed to compensate for the change in light.

–  Determine how close you should stand to your subject by checking your composition to make sure that you see the subjects head and shoulders, as well as the background.

–  Your subject does not need to be in the center

–  Consider not only facial expression, but the position of the head and the direction of the gaze.


Take 2 frames of a composition that has objects in the foreground, middleground and background

Get on eye level with the object in the foreground

Take the 1st frame at a high depth of field; take the 2nd frame at a low depth of field


Shoot the rest of your film keeping the following concepts in mind.  You will hand in your best 3.

-Composition (vantage point,not centered,  rule of 3rds, golden triangle, golden regtangle)

-Principles and elements (line, shape, texture, value, emphasis, balance, scale/proportion, rhythm/repeatition/movement/pattern, contrast)

-Correct exposure

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