Studio Lighting

2 Categories of Light:

  1. Continuous lighting-
  2. Stobe light- burst of light

-The White Balance Feature adjust to the light that you’re in

Direction of Light– light travels in straight lines

  • you can control its angle, distance & direction
  • ¬†3 Lighting setups-
  1. Light behind the subject= silhouette
  2. 1 light on side= strong directional shadows, moody/ artistic
  3. 2 lights at same angle & height = minimize shadows, standard portraits

Strobe Light Vocabulary:

  • modeling light- continous light on modeling kit
  • synch cord- you’re syning the light to your camera
  • hot shoe- piece of equitment that connects the synch chord to the camera
  • slave- button that allows multiple lights to fire simotanesouly
















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