Diamond’s Sample: Photographer of interest assignment

Sample Research Submission


Lewis Hine: from the Men at Work series











Photography can light-up darkness and expose ignorance – Lewis Wickes Hine


Typical Characteristics of Hine’s Photographs from the ‘20’s and 30’s:


Single figures

Engaged in a work activity

Photo includes both the individual and the machinery/tools of him trade

The gesture, pose and facial expression demonstrate pride and dignity



Resources used:





In my series I will continue to incorporate single figures, engaged in a work activity involving machinery.  I will explore varying Hine’s style in the following ways:


1.  Construction workers whose gesture, pose and expression demonstrate a LACK of pride and dignity.


2.  Rather than construction workers, I will vary Hine’s style by depicting workers engaged with technology (i.e. computer techs, Geek Squad workers or Apple Store genius bar workers).  I will preserve that look of pride/ ‘strength’)


3. Combining 1 and 2, showing how the predominance of technology as the major work form has created a lack of outward pride and dignity.

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