Artist Statement for Google Sites

When writing your required artist’s statement for your web-page, include the following information:

1- Goal Statement– this can be approached in a number of ways depending on the intent of your site. Consider the following as starting point:

-“What am I trying to achieve?”  This question may be answered as a graduating senior, a junior applying to colleges, or an art/photography student. If none of these seem relevant to you, consider a goal for the role photography and creativity may play in your life.

2- Influences– this may be approached as artistic/creative influences or life influences.  Your influences may  be people in your life, or famous people.

-Be sure to discuss how and why these people influence you.

3- Website overview– consider one of the following depending on the intent of your site:

-what your current work is

-what your current interests are (artistically, academically, etc)

-what the viewer can expect to see or gain from looking at the site





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