Customizing your google sites

Creating a custom header: When creating your header you can custom make it on photoshop.

  • 180 pixels high and 900 pixels wide.
  • Usually it is 36 pts depending on how long you header is going to be.
  • (Offers different fonts that you can download)
  • Save file as .jpeg!

Edit Sidebar/Site Appearance:

To get rid of the sidebar:

Click: Edit sidebar (Action-Manage Site-Change Site layout)

  • Unclick check boxes “Header” and “Sidebar”
  • Click OK
  • Save Changes

Creating Links:

  • Highlight the image
  • Click LINK-Dialogue box pops up
  • Link to the page you want or you can creat a new page from there
  • Click OK


  • #1 If you upload a picture, edit it then upload it again make sure you save that picture as a different names
  • #2When uploading pictures your uploading then to specific pages, NOT TO THE TOTAL SITE.
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