Final Exam Project

Adam Leon

Chase Jarvis: Commercial Photography


Typical Characteristics of Jarvis’ Commercial Photography:

Single and Multiple Portrait Figures

Engaged in activity, fast moving action

Fashion Photography

Commercial Advertisements

Lifestyle Expression Photography

Architecture and Landscape

Resources used:

In my series I will continue to incorporate the structure of Chase Jarvis through a self-made magazine. The magazine will resemble my work with the style and structure of Chase Jarvis as follows:

1. Fashion Photography- Models in a studio either with a blank background, or put into background that resembles the theme of both the model and photograph. I will follow Chase’s variety in exposure and ISO sensitivity numbers through the shoot(s) to get both crisp and soft images.

2. Commercial Photography/Advertisement- I will emulates Chase’s style of Advertisement. One thing that reoccurs in most of his campaigns is the expression on the model’s face: one of laughter and happiness promoting that theme. In the magazine I will recreate Advertisements for products, services, social issues, etc.

3. Portrait- Fine art lighting portraits, I am going to emulate Chase’s style through different shooting techniques that I have learned from Chase himself from his blog.

4. Architecture and Landscape: Using new techniques, I plan to create a multi-spread series incorporating both Architecture and Landscape. Chase uses vivid colors through digital color correction that I plan to change in my own way, but keep the same concept.

I plan to shoot both digital and film on this assignment.

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One thought on “Final Exam Project

  1. Wow Adam! This is a tremendous undertaking! A noble plan, but I am concerned about the issue of time. Let’s talk about perhaps 3 spreads in the magazine and perhaps the continuation of this concept as part of your AP portfolio for next year. I would also like to have more clarity on what you will change from Jarvis’ style to make it more your own.

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