Final exam project: Self Portrait

Ok so if your like me and are completely lost this should help….

For this shoot everyone is to use Film!!!! not a digital camera.

For this project you are handing in:

-3 photographs -> each one using a different portrait approach

***Half of your film should be shot with flash and the other should be natural light.***

Portrait approach choices:

– Enviormental self portriat-> In an enviorment that describes something about you.

– Yourself engaed in an activity-> dance positions, throwing a ball..etc.

-Head shot ->making faces, profile shot, different angles.

-Body part-> hands, feet, legs, different positions ,anything that is symbloic and gives a meaning.

-Something symbolic-> a group of items put together that describes something about you.

-With people that define you->family, friends but don’t fall into the trap of making it look like a snapshot

-Also while shooting think about…..

-Facial expressions

-Direction of eyes

-Gestures-> for emotional change

– Direction of camera-> birds eye, worms eye..etc.

Ok so hopfully this helps everyone….Good luck 🙂

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