Hockney Project

By Friday take 24 pictures on your digital camera. You must use all 24 pictures. Do not take more than 24 pictures. Try 3 different versions and pick the best.

By Friday you should have 72 pictures. We will be printing up contact sheet samples of the pictures.

Your choices of subjects to photograph are:

1. Portrait of a person. Hockney inspired portrait

Hockney Inspired Portrait 2

2. Portrait of 2 people interacting. (Don’t let the environment be larger that the person. Focus on the person.)Hockney inspired 2 people engaged in an activity

Stand in one place when you take the picture. You can change the direction or angle of the camera. You can pull in or zoom out to get some of the environment. You can use your close up/macro setting for some if you’d like.

By Tuesday 12/16 develop the pictures (outside of school) that you want to use.

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