Digital Mosaic Project

For this project you will be using a digital camera!!

You will take a photo to be your focal point (Take more than one just so you have more then one to work with)

After taking your focal point picture you should take a bunch of photos which include pattern and color (This is when taking a salad photo is good) (Take a lot of different textures and shapes because some may work and some may not work.

With these photos you will develop a photo mosaic with a focal point. The salad pictures will direct the photo towards the focal point. You can use color paper in the project and another variation to the project is making a mosaic landscape like the example of the wolf in the city.


Think of different patterns and shapes and be creative!!!

When you are done taking photos do not print them out at home…bring your camera to school and you will print them in class. Almost all the wires are in class but if you have a dock then bring that in.Cool

I choose Sam B. as the next Scribe

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