Landscape, close closer

Today I assigned the the next photo shoot assignment. Your goal in this shoot is to photograph one subject at 3 different distances. All three photos should be interesting on their own, and there should be a clear visual relationship between the three.Here are some starting tips:

-preset your f-stop for the most distant shot at f-16 or f-22. (of course, check your light meter!)

-for the 2nd shot, cut your distance aproximately in half. This may mean you have to change your f-stop. Check your light meter!

-for your 3rd and last shot, use a close-up filter, and yes, CHECK YOUR LIGHT METER!!!

Did I mention you should check your light meter?!

If you are shooting with a role of 24, shoot at least 6 different subjects, 3 shots each. DOn’t just shoot 3 photos total!

A few more things to remember:

-In addition to changing your distance, you can change your vantage point (eye level, worm’s eye, bird’s eye)

-landscape does not have to mean trees and grass and flowers. Remember the examples I showed in class.

-DON’T TAKE PHOTOS IN PREDICTABLE PLACES LIKE YOU BACKYARD!!! Get out there. Have your camera with you at all times, ready for anything!

-The role of film (not developed!) is due on Tuesday 10/14

film to use forth is assignmentUse this film for this assignment

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