March 9

Kehinde Wiley – A New Republic painting series

Thank you to Ms. Dunn for bringing a fresh look at museum portraiture.

Kehinde Wiley is a world renowned contemporary black artist.  Common to his work is the influence of art historical portraits, highly rendered forms and organic patterned backgrounds.  In his series, A New Republic, Wiley street casts models for the subjects of his paintings.  Central to his work is elevating the image of people of color to belong in institutions alongside historically white portraiture, thus “transforming the way we as a culture view the black body in public spaces.”

A documentary about this creation of this series is available on Amazon Prime.

March 5

New Photography by Mikael Owunna celebrates the beauty of the black body

‘Every Black Person Deserves To See Themselves This Way’

In his series called Infinite Essence, photographer Mikael Owunna creates works with the intention of redirecting imagery of black people.  He works to create an alternative to the negative imagery we are accustomed to seeing in the news.  He paints his models with glow in the dark paint to create images in which the black body appears celestial and infinite.

Click here for more on his work from NPR.