Scheduling Courses

At the beginning of the school year, I showed students this video.

After the video, I offered the following advice to students: never give up, persevere, and challenge oneself during his/her high school years in order to progress from what one is to what one could become based on his/her potential.

We are lucky enough to offer a variety of programs and electives here at Clarkstown North High School.  In particular, our school has been nationally recognized for graduating students that are college and career ready.  This success is largely due to the Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and college partnership programs.  Our newly revised course catalogue lists courses that are available for students to enroll.  The catalogue can be found here.

During the month of February, school counselors will be meeting with your son/daughter to review course offerings towards developing a program of study for next year.  Thankfully, our school offers many opportunities to extend beyond and to learn on a higher level.  With the exception of a few courses that depend on skills acquisition, all our courses are free from grade point requirements and prerequisites.  This open enrollment allows students to enroll in courses in which they are interested.  I encourage students to take one college-level course since we offer so many from which to choose.  These courses provide another way of thinking and learning about the world around us.

Although these courses may be challenging, they provide  real-life experiences for what students will be facing in college and later on in the workplace: independent thought, critical thinking, and project based learning.  Challenging oneself to perform on a higher level is something that we all do in life.  At least in the comfort of the high school environment, students who do decide to take a more challenging course will find themselves in the company of caring and supportive teachers and staff.

I hope that you find our new electronic course offerings guide useful.  We will be updating this guide periodically by adding more useful links and information.  In the meantime, please consider your son’s/daughter’s schedule for next year carefully, and if you have any questions please do contact your son’s/daughter’s school counselor.