I often hear the phrase “That’s so black” to describe something negative or “ghetto.” The phrase represents the on going stereotypes that hurt the African-American community. When people speak a certain way using slang or improper English people say “you talk black” meaning you sound very uneducated. When a black person is speaking proper english people tend to say “you talk like a white person” this is basically saying African-Americans aren’t educated enough to speak proper english, but white people are. I view this as the chains that hold the young black children down; the standards that people have for African Americans are not very high. Growing up, these children do not have the proper role models that will give them higher standards and expectations, they often look up to athletes and rappers, or they neighborhood drug dealer who drives an expensive car. The role models they often have do not provide them with the proper guidance. To break these stereotypes we must distinguish “right and wrong” instead of thinking “White and Black”. When children are younger they do not believe that skin color dictates the personality of their peers or their actions, when I was younger I always thought white people were smarter than black people because every high valued job was always a white man. Now that I am older I know that skin color has nothing to do with education, I hope that other young black children can open their minds and seek opportunities to be the role models that are desperately needed. I often hear of many disadvantages that African Americans face in America, I agree these obstacles do exist, I face them myself but they are not excuses to not become successful. The mentality that we as African Americans must carry is take what is yours, do not let anyone dictate what you are and what you are not.   Being yourself and breaking the mold society tries to put you in, that is “what’s so black”.