Amerikkkan Badass released April 7th,20117

Joey Bada$$ has returned better than ever, seems like lately rap has been asleep Kendrick has a album releasing this month,but it has been delayed because of the release of this master peace Amerikkkan Badass has caught the attention of everyone rap fan or not this album speaks powerful words. The musical aspect is also something noticing artist such as J cole and Schoolboy Q are featured on the tracks adding more variety. The beats take us back to that old school east coast feel, which really hits home considering the time our nation is in it makes the listeners think back to simpler times. This album may not be your party anthem but it is one of the most powerful albums this year, J Cole did not disappoint on his last project For Your Eyez Only its only right Joey followed it up with this master piece. Now we wait on Kendrick who drops his album this month. This is the resurgence of rap and its happening now.