The middle class has spoken and has left nation in shock. The election is over, as we look to the future the Democrat party has to recover and gain back the support of the average Americans who have felt abandoned by the government. The Democrat need to focus on the dying fading cities in America who demand to be heard, instead of focusing the money aspect of politics,which was their downfall in this election.


The Republican struggled within the party to support Donald Trump, but Trump gained the support of the middle class who have been in the shadows of this country going through a hard times.  From losing jobs to heroin epidemics ruining small communities, the middle class needed change. The fading cities in the country need to be reformed, the Democratic party need to show they are still a party for the people not the rich banks of the country.


The middle states were played a huge role in the elections voting process, the voters that supported Trump were predominantly white uneducated citizens. The Democrats failed to speak to those people turning their backs on them in attempt to win the larger states for electoral votes. The people were tired of the rich hungry politicians getting their way through the Democrat party, and Hilary has a record of not being the most trustworthy politician. The average Americans were seeking that trust between the people and their governments, that leads some people to believe Bernie Sanders would have challenged Trump more than Hilary because Sanders spoke for the people.
The money turned the Democratic party to greedy politicians instead voicing the frustration of the people in the small parts of the United States who are often overlooked. Money was the downfall of the Democrats they turned their backs on the people that matter most,after all the middle class is the backbone of America’s economy and society .