The debates are  now over and the election is now approaching, as the days countdown the tension between Trump and Hillary supporters grow. We as Americans need to come together to decide who is the best candidate to lead our nation forward in positive direction instead of fighting amongst each other when we don’t agree on controversial issues. Society grows when people are able to build off of each other, and collaborate and meet ends with issues that we face as a country. If someone is not able to listen to others opinions they are going against what this country stands for in terms of freedom and the use of ideas from all over to make this great nation as we know it today. All groups must take the time to understand each other’s perspective regardless if you are a democrat, republican, poor or rich. By doing this we will understand each other hardships and use each others strengths to build a better country.

This election seems to be separating people, but what we are not realizing is that no matter who you support one of these candidates will be our next president whether you agree or not. We as people don’t agree on everything which is okay but at the end of the day we must come together to resolve the issues we face as a nation.  The Republican party said they would work to reject any supreme court candidates Hillary nominates if she wins this election. This shows more division within our government and country leaving vacant government jobs that serve an important role in our government today.

I am no political expert, but it not hard to see our country is being divided by this election and we must take action before it gets out of hand. The next president will have to make crucial decisions and carry the pressure of the nation on their shoulders, they need our support unity is needed now more than ever.