Joey Bada$$ has returned better than ever, seems like lately rap has been asleep Kendrick has a album releasing this month,but it has been delayed because of the release of this master peace Amerikkkan Badass has caught the attention of… Continue Reading →

That’s So Black

I often hear the phrase “That’s so black” to describe something negative or “ghetto.” The phrase represents the on going stereotypes that hurt the African-American community. When people speak a certain way using slang or improper English people say “you… Continue Reading →

Where did the democrats go wrong? Can they comeback?

The middle class has spoken and has left nation in shock. The election is over, as we look to the future the Democrat party has to recover and gain back the support of the average Americans who have felt abandoned… Continue Reading →

The Big debates

The debates are  now over and the election is now approaching, as the days countdown the tension between Trump and Hillary supporters grow. We as Americans need to come together to decide who is the best candidate to lead our… Continue Reading →

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