September 1

HOMEWORK 2018-2019

HOMEWORK FOR 9/6-10/19

Remember: these dates are the days an assignment is DUE.

9/6 – sign the academic, plagiarism, and attendance policies; make sure you can log onto our blog.

9/7 – Select 3 passages from The Handmaid’s Tale that you wish to discuss (see p.58 for guidelines).

9/12 – Word definition. You must submit it to Turn It In. The class ID is 19048025, and the key is college.

9/13 – 1st post; go to the page for The Handmaid’s Tale Post 1 and comment there.

9/14 – possible topics for THT paper; bring literary criticism with you, and be prepared to connect it to the novel.

9/17 – 2nd post; go to the page for The Handmaid’s Tale Post 2 and comment there.

9/20 – Read pages 26-32, 41-43 in your reader; the pages outline important questions to ask about diction, syntax and tone; edit #1

Begin first memoir on a failure or accomplishment. You will eventually write 3.

9/24 – draft of expository paper on THT

9/25 – read and annotate Rodriguez’s “Aria: Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood” (pp. 75-81); look up information about the author and define any words with which you are unfamiliar.

For your presentation, each group will analyze the diction, syntax, and other rhetorical devices for the paragraphs to which you are assigned. Consider making a chart – 6 columns, one for each device followed by one for each So statement. You will have time in class (9/25-9/27) to work on this.

9/27 – edit #2

Begin 2nd memoir on identity

10/1 – final copy of THT paper. (You must also turn in the draft that was marked up by your peers.) Do not forget to submit it to Turn It In.

Begin 3rd memoir on a topic of your choice from the remaining options on the Common App (if a school to which you’re applying has another topic, you may substitute that one)

10/3 – Grammar Matters blog post. Remember the 9pm deadline.

10/4 – edit #3

10/5 – Memoir Blog response – Describe a time and place from your childhood you wish to revisit. Remember the 9pm deadline.

10/9 – read and annotate White’s “Once More to the Lake” (pp. 82-85); look up information about the author and define any words with which you are unfamiliar.

10/10 – NYT’s analysis (see pp. 20-25)

10/11 – edit #4

10/12 – read-around for all 3 memoirs

10/15 – edit test 1-4;
edit ONE of your memoirs (see pp. 65-67)
To do:
1. Delete ALL unnecessary words (usually adjectives and adverbs).
2. Convert noun phrases into verbs.
3. Diction choices – find the “right” word (consider connotation, associations) NOT SAT words.
4. Syntax – vary it! in length, in form. Make sure the form of the sentence underscores the function of the sentence. Consider placement, purpose, pattern. (active/passive, subject/object, simple/complex, declarative/imperative, etc)
5. Add specifics – names, places, objects, dates, etc.
6. Add dialogue and make it authentic – it must sound like the person, so consider spelling.
7. Add sensory details.
8. Does your essay have a frame?
9. What is the take-away? What does the essay reveal about your character? personality? interests? history?

Bring this essay with you on Monday. Make sure it is double-spaced.

10/17 – finish emulation exercise (pp. 99-106)

10/18 – edit #5; in class AP prompt. Be prompt!

10/19 – Memoir and inventory (pp. 107-108). Submit memoir to Turn It In.