Advanced Clay

Sketchbook check to date:

  1. Notes on Children’s March and other videos          10 points

Sketchbooks to date (due Wednesday, December 6th):

  1. 3 full page sketches of different ideas for your butter dish, salt and pepper, and/or oil and vinegar           15 points
  2. 5 examples of images from inspirational source (taped into sketchbook)               5 points
  3. Notes from 3 inspirational videos posted on google classroom                      15 points
  4. Reflection on Mindful Mondays           5 points
  5. Reflect on the word Destiny           10 points
  6. Reflect on the word Relationship         10 points
  7. Create a subtractive poem form a printed text   (see google classroom for examples)               30 points

TOTAL 90 points

Sketchbooks due Thursday, October 26th:

  1. Response page to “So…What are you?” video posted to google classroom (full page)               15 points
  2. Response page to Vegas attack (full page)         15 points
  3. Response page to “We are Here” by Alicia Keys (posted to google classroom)                                  10 points
  4. #Iamhere____________ photo pasted into sketchbook           10 points
  5. Response page to this quote: “The greatest risk in life is not taking one”                      10 points
  6. Sit in one place: using ALL of your senses, record everything you notice         10 points
  7. Ceramics Monthly assignment:Name of article:Author:Name of magazine and date:List 3 things that you learned from this article:List 2 questions that you have:Draw a detailed full page sketch of one of the forms from the articleDraw a detailed full page sketch of a project idea inspired by the artist/article

    (2 drawings total)          30 points

  8. Create a bucket list (everything you want to do before you die)     10 points
  9. Illustrate a dream            10 points
  10. Illustrate a nightmare        10 points

TOTAL 130 points

Sketchbook Check Thursday, September 28th:

  1. I “can’t” list                                             10 points
  2. I “can” list                                               10 points
  3. Unique cover                                          25 points
  4. 3 sketches of trivet ideas                         15 points
  5. Notes from Handheld Power Point         5 points
  6. 10 inspirational images for Handheld                10 points
  7. 3 full page sketches of ideas for Handheld               15 points
  8. 10 “color” pages                                     10 points
  9. 10 “texture” pages                                  10 points

Don’t forget to number your pages!!

TOTAL 100 points

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