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Advanced Clay

How to Write an Artist Statement LINK

Share url with me by Tuesday, June 6th

  1. Choose the best photographs of each of your projects from this year.  When possible, use 2 images to show a different view or detail.
  2. Create a website on WIX, weebly, or another free website address (use your name in the address—you may use one already created last year)
  3. Editing and Resizing images:
    1. Crop, tweak levels and/or contrast and color; save
    2. If image is too large for website, resize by reducing image size resolution to 72dpi or 96 dpi; may also choose to reduce the height and width
  4. Setting up the sites structure:
    1. homepage: something interesting maybe a picture of you creating an art project, maybe your best project, maybe an inspirational quote or statement
    2. create a separate page for your written artist statement
    3. create a separate page for your “current work” (work from this year) (You may choose to label this page current work or Advanced Clay
    4. create a separate page for your surrealist bust (this can be embedded under current work).  Add your in-progress photos plus a written description of your inspiration and meaning behind.
    5. Create a separate page for your teapot project (this can be embedded under current work).  Make sure to include artwork inspired by:______________ with links to his/her website and a minimum of 5 examples of her artwork.  Include a written description of how you were inspired
    6. Create a separate page for your sketchbook labeled either Sketchbook pages or Process: upload a MINIMUM of 5 images from your sketchbook (you may include the cover as one of images)
    7. If you have work from other classes or other years you can make those each a separate page
  5. Upload images to your portfolio page

label each work with title, medium, dimensions

6. Personalizing your website with site appearance.  Make sure you choose a theme or setting that is neutral and makes your artwork look good—you don’t want it to be distracting or too busy


  • Extra points for going above and beyond (ie: an about the artist page, links to resources and inspirations, written info next to each project , etc)


Sketchbook due Thursday, May 18th:

  1. 10 things I know to be true                     10 points
  2. Take 10 photos and tape into your sketchbook               10 points
  3. Create a drawing as if you were 5 years old                    10 points
  4. Create a Dedication Page                            10 points
  5. Create a photo documentary of someone who inspires you (could be someone you know personally–friend, family member, etc.  Or it could be someone famous).  Depending on who the person is, you are taking photos or finding photos online and creating some kind of collage that shows who they are.  Minimum of 8 photos              25 points
  6. Create a Gratitude List                 10 points
  7. Give someone else your sketchbook and let them write or draw something for you            5 points
  8. Write a story of this school year in EXACTLY 250 words           20 points

TOTAL     100 points

Sketchbook check Tuesday, March 14th:

  1. Complete a self-portrait                               20 points
  2. Notes on Surrealism                                    10 points
  3. 10 reference images                                    10 points
  4. 3 full page sketches of ideas for surrealist bust              15 points
  5. Choose one image/word and repeat (changing size and direction) to fill the page              15 points
  6. Observational drawing: arrange the ingredients to your favorite dish/recipe on your kitchen counter and write out the recipe somehow in your composition (take up 2 pages)                                    20 points
  7. Cut out 30 words from a magazine or newspaper and rearrange to create a poem    20 points
  8. Complete questions from Ceramics Monthly article    10 points


Sculpting a human bust video LINK

Sketchbook due Wednesday, January 18th:

  1.  What does your future look like?  Jobs of the future video clip                10 points
  2. Create a subtractive poem from a printed text                       20 points
  3. Notes on The Children’s March LINK.  Compare and contrast 1963 with 2017      10 points
  4. Notes from Collaboration PowerPoint (linked to the Advanced Class Notes page)   10 points
  5. Museum of Art and Design: Thoughts and inspirations from field trip (or website if didn’t go)                  10 points
  6. Sketchbook page inspired by Sewing Teddy Bears for Sick Kids VIDEO           10 points
  7. Symbolically tell the story of one day in your life             20 points

TOTAL 90 points


Sketchbook due Thursday, December 8th:

  1. Find an article in Ceramics Monthly: Name of article/Author/Name of magazine and date.  List 3 things that you learned from this article.  List 2 questions that you have.  Draw a detailed full page sketch of one of the forms from the article.  Draw a sketch of a future project inspired by this artist.             50 points  
  2. Election reflection       10 points
  3. Notes from 3 videos linked to the Advanced Clay Class notes page            15 points
  4. 3 full page sketches of different ideas for your butter dish, salt and pepper, and/or oil and vinegar        15 points
  5. 5 examples of images from inspirational sources (taped into sketchbook).     5 points
  6. Art fair notes           5 points
  7. Dedicate a page to Standing Rock:  RESOURCES:  Indigenous Youth Run    Standing Rock Website   Actress Shailene Woodley  Official Website      10 points
  8. Reflect on the concept of destiny      10 points

    9. Reflect on the word “relationship”         5 points

TOTAL 125 points

Sketchbook due Thursday, October 27th:

  1. Respond to video: Imagine your city torn apart by war            10 points
  2. Respond to We Are Here song                                           10 points
  3. #Iamhere__________photo                                              10 points
  4. Respond: “The greatest risk in life is not taking one”          10 points
  5. Sit in one place: using ALL of your senses, record everything you notice         10 points
  6. Create a bucket list (everything you want to do before you die)     10 points
  7. Illustrate a dream                                                     10 points
  8. Carving with Care Video Link and Slab Construction Video Link

    For each video please complete the following in your sketchbook: 3 things you learned, 2 things you might try,1 question                20 points

  9. Illustrate a nightmare                       10 points

Total 100 points

Sketchbook check Thursday, September 29th:

  1. sketches of trivet ideas                              10 points
  2. Notes on Principles of Design                     5 points
  3. I “can’t” page                                              10 points
  4. I “can” page                                               10 points
  5. Create a unique cover                                25 points
  6. 10 inspirational images (handheld)            10 points
  7. 3 full page drawings of ideas (handheld)   15 points
  8. 10 “color” pages                                         10 points
  9. One page response to debate                    10 points
  10. 10 “texture” pages                                      10 points

Total:  115 points

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Check out some websites from former students who took this class:!untitled/c240r


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