Studio Ceramics

Sketchbook check Monday, October 30th:

  1. Notes on Glaze procedures (PowerPoint is on Google classroom)                    10 points
  2. Full page drawing of pinch pot labeled with glaze colors       10 points
  3. Worksheet from Keith Haring video                    10 points
  4. Line Vocabulary taped into sketchbook                 5 points
  5. Line Worksheet                                 20 points
  6. Full page line composition                      15 points
  7. Texture page                     10 points
  8. Keith Haring homework: Create a digital Keith Haring inspired piece of artwork on the following website:         20 points
  9. Expressive Line paintings taped into sketchbook              10 points

TOTAL 110 points

Sketchbook Check Wednesday, September 27th:
  1. 6 states of clay sensory worksheet            10 points
  2. Vocabulary: texture and states of clay taped in             5 points
  3. Simulated texture example                5 points
  4. 4 sketches of pinch pots: different forms and textures        20 points
  5. Symbol exercise: 4 unique symbols that represent yourself                 20 points
  6. 3 full page drawings of DIFFERENT ideas for goblet         15 points
  7. Full page in COLOR drawing of final goblet design    10 points

TOTAL 85 points

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