Intermediate Clay

Sketchbook to date:


  • 5 images of artwork from artist chosen (10 points)
  • 3 full page sketches of possible ideas to share with class(15 points)


  • 2 paragraphs on background info on artist (25 points)
  • 1 final drawing in color (20 points)


  • Reflection on Holocaust speaker/butterfly project             20 points

Sketchbook check Thursday, December 21st:

  • Notes from this Power Point       5 points
  • Minimum of 5 reference images      10 points
  • Drawing of yourself (self-portrait)        20 points
  • 3 Full page drawings of 3 different ideas for the project             30 points

TOTAL 65 points

Sketchbook check Wednesday, December 6th:

For each of these videos please answer the following (30 points):

  • 3 things that you learned
  • 2 questions
  • 1 way you might use the technique(s) discussed

How to Center Link

How to Make Interesting Mugs link

How to Make Refined Handles

  • 10 inspirational images of FORMS cut out and taped into sketchbook (NOT cups)       10 points
  • 10 sketches of cups            20 points
  • Full page detailed sketch for each cup in COLOR             20 points

TOTAL 80 points


See google classroom for PowerPoint requirements on Cultural Research project

Monday, October 23rd Assignment:

 Whichford Pottery

Jugtown Pottery


Sketchbook due Wednesday, October 25th:

  1. Choose an object and draw 3 full page sketches of this object from 3 different angles       30 points
  2. Write a one-two paragraph story for your object.  Describe in detail what your visual story will look like           20 points
  3. Ceramics Monthly assignment:Name of article/Author/Name of magazine and date:List 3 things that you learned from this article:List 2 questions that you have:Draw a detailed full page sketch of one of the forms from the articleDraw a detailed full page sketch of a project idea inspired by the artist/article(2 drawings total)                       30 points
  4. on both videos listed above:
    1. 3 things you learned
    2. 2 things you found interesting
    3. 1 question

20 points

TOTAL 100 points

Sketchbook Check Friday, September 29th:

  1. Preliminary research of another culture and its pottery (print out info and tape into sketchbook)      10 points
  2. Write a bulleted list of 10 facts about this culture’s pottery       10 points
  3. Cut and paste at least 5 images of ceramic pots from this culture         5 points
  4. Create 3 FULL PAGE drawings of original ideas inspired by culture        15 points
  5. Create a drawing of the design for your stamp (multiple drawings if you have different ideas)     5 points
  6. Full page IN COLOR drawing of final design for SET    20 points

TOTAL 65 points

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