Clay as Sculptural Multiples

Multiples Google Presentation Requirements DUE FRIDAY, JUNE 2ND (must share with me by this date at

  • Minimum of 10 slides
  • 10 images that relate to the social issue chosen
  • 10 facts on social issue (make sure to show both sides)
  • Description of how your project visually shows this issue

You will be graded on having the minimum requirements listed above and also on the overall visual presentation (so be creative in how you put these elements together)

Must cite sources!!!

The PowerPoint will count as 75 points.  The oral presentation will count as 25 points

Presentations: June 5th-9th

Please links below:

Ceramics Vocabulary

Course Syllabus:

Sculptural Clay as Multiples syllabus


TED talks:






Allora and Calzadilla:

Yinka Shonibare:

(just show clips on listed artists)


Answer the following questions in your sketchbooks for EACH video clip:

  1. How does each artist address social issues in his/her work?
  2. What materials are used? How are they chosen?
  3. Describe the artist’s process