Achievement Plan


It is very easy to fall behind in clay.  If you are absent, you will find it very hard to catch up without coming in on your own time.  My extra help hours will be Monday and Wednesdays from 2:00-2:45pm.  Typically, I am available other days and during free periods, but please check with me first.


Homework will be given in your sketchbook along with each in-class project. If you are absent, it will be YOUR responsibility to check what you missed.  You will be expected to turn your sketchbook in ON THE DUE DATE and in good condition.  You will lose points every day it is late.  After 5 days, I will no longer accept the assignment and you will receive a zero.


Individual Responsibilities:

You are expected to be here on time each and every day, prepared, ready, and willing to work.

If you are late for an excused reason, I expect a late pass to be submitted.

If you need to go to the guidance counselor, school counselor, etc, you MUST come to class first to get permission and a pass.

Group Responsibilities:

Of equal significance is your role in the group.  You will be expected to support and help each other.

You will also be expected to participate in class discussions and dialogue.  25% of every project will be graded on effort and participation.

I will be following the CHSN Discipline Guidelines for any behavior issues, tardiness, and/or unexcused absences.


***Food will not be eaten in this room due to health/safety concerns.***