AP 3-D

Friday, January 12th: SKETCHBOOKS DUE


    1. Minimum of 3 sketchbook pages per concentration project (6 pages if smaller sketchbook). Things to include: sketches, writing, research, inspirational images, etc.                                     30 points
    2. One Museum visit per Quarter (for Marking Periods 1-3). 2 of the 3 need to be physical museums and 1 of them can be an online museum:  Museum/gallery/studio visit: Visit at least one place where art is being exhibited. In your sketchbook, write one page about the show in general using descriptive art vocabulary.  Choose two 3-D objects that interest you and devote at least one page to each. Describe the forms in detail. Things to consider: materials/techniques, use of space, and feeling evoked. Also, complete a full-page drawing of each of the objects chosen.
  • Museum suggestions:

In Manhattan: The MET, The MoMA, The Whitney, The MAD, The DIA

In Westchester: The Neuberger Museum at SUNY Purchase, Outdoor sculpture park at PEPSICO, Katonah Museum

In Orange: Storm King Outdoor Sculpture Park (possibly may go here on a field trip)

Double the pages if smaller sketchbook

50 points

TOTAL 80 points


Remind account:


AP Requirements

  • 8 breadth pieces:  These should show a range of ideas and possibly mediums
  • 10-12 concentration pieces:  These should be thematic in nature and seen as one body of work (see details below)
  • 5 quality pieces:  These can be repeated images from either breadth or concentration and should show your 5 best pieces (to be decided next year)

***All work in every section should consider the activation of physical space and the use of the Principles of 3D Design***

A concentration is a body of related works that:

  • Grow out of a coherent plan of action or investigation;
  • Are unified by an underlying idea that has visual and/or conceptual coherence;
  • Are based on your individual interest in a particular visual idea;
  • Are focused on a process of investigation, growth, and discovery; and
  • Show the development of a visual language appropriate for your subject

A concentration is NOT:

  • A variety of works produced as solutions to class projects;
  • A collection of works with differing intents;
  • A group project or collaboration;
  • A collection of works derived solely from other people’s published photographs;
  • A body of work that simply investigates a medium, without a strong underlying visual idea; or
  • A project that merely takes a long time to complete

Examples of Concentrations (not limited to):

  • A series of 3-D works that begin with representational interpretations and evolve into abstraction
  • A series of site-specific works that affect existing form or space
  • Abstractions developed from natural or mechanical objects
  • Wheel-thrown and hand-built clay objects that allude to human or animal forms
  • The use of multiples/modules to create and disrupt 3-D space
  • A series of sculptures that explore the relationship between interior and exterior space

Summer Assignments:

Breadth Packet Link

Summer Requirements Link

Concentration Questionnaire

Breadth rubric

Example AP Websites:


Robert Lembo – roblembo362.wix.com/ceramics

**Bridget DeSarlo- www.bridgetd1.wix.com/bridgetd-art

Rania Abdelqader- http://raniaabdel.wix.com/raniaabdelportfolio

Phoebe Burger- http://phoebeburger19.wix.com/phoebeburger  

Jaimy Raju –  http://jaimyraju.wix.com/jaimy-raju

*Ashley Farnan – http://ashleyfarnan.wix.com/ashportfolio

**Carly Amatuzzo – http://carlyamatuzzo.weebly.com

**Shannon farnan-http://shannonfarnan7.wix.com/shannon-farnan7

Liza Dianis- http://lizanoelled17.wix.com/lizadianisart

Federica Monteleone- http://fxderica.wix.com/artportifolio

**Juliana Lindell – http://jlindell3.wix.com/julianalindell

Amy Mauro-  http://amymauro.wix.com/artistprofolio

****Nicole Artale – http://nartale17.wix.com/nicole-artale

Ashley Joseph http://ashtrocity.weebly.com

Olivia Zwernemann http://oliviazwernemann.wix.com/clay








Gabi Im     http://Imgabi16.wix.com/gabiim

Javier Savinon  http://Ceramicportfolioworks.weebly.com

Talia Brown    http://pugpuppy2000.wix.com/taliabrownclay-flute

Joshua Roeder  http://joshx78.wix.com/josh-roeder#


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