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Here is the menu of projects you may choose from for your contribution to our understanding of BNW. This project is worth 75 points (rubric worth an additional 25 points) and will contribute to your classmates’ understanding of the novel.

Each project should be designed to be presented in 15 – 20 minutes. Groups will be comprised of a maximum of three students.

Remember, all work is done and shared with me on Google Docs and will also be uploaded to Turnitin.

Schedule: One week before your project is due, you will submit your rubric, which I will review and use to grade you (and your group). The day after your project, you will turn in your graded rubric with a brief narrative, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your presentation. I will take your assessment and narrative into account when grading you, but please keep in mind my final grade will be the one “for the books.”


  • 1 A. Early Biographical information – Aldous Huxley and the social, political and economic ideas he was immersed in as a young person and adult. (Due date: TBA (pre-novel).
  • 1 B. Huxley the social theorist. Introduce and discuss select passages from Huxley’s talk at the University of California at Berkeley in 1962, titled The Ultimate Revolution.

Transcript available here:

2. The genre of satirical dystopian literature (the contemporary literary heirs to Huxley’s novel; The Hunger Games?) Why is dystopian literature so incredibly popular with this generation of readers? Due date: TBA (pre-novel)

3. Allusions, specifically, to William Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest, as well as Huxley’s use of names and historical figures. (Due date: Chapter 9)

4. Contemporary connections (Due date:TBA) Two groups will select their own topics (example: bioethics, reproductive technologies, the current controversy about CRISPR, rampant consumerism, etc.) Here’s a great resource about the dystopia we live in:

And another article titled: “Big Pharma and the Question is ADHD Real?”

Due date: Novel in progress. Cloning has been done ad nauseum. Use current research. I can help direct you.

5. Sociology – Huxley examined his own society and worried about where it was headed.  Prepare a roundtable discussion in which you and a partner moderate a discussion on  today’s society and whether Huxley had good reason to fear authoritarian rule, loss of individuality, too much emphasis on stability, overuse of medication to reduce stress and anxiety, misuse of technology, lack of intellectual curiosity, collective distraction from what’s important through constant recreation, and an obsession with consumerism.  Of all these, which worry you the most today? You can use this provocative article by Margaret Atwood, which we will all read:


Be prepared with text based questions and supporting documentation for your claims and questions. (Due date: post novel)

6. Psychology – view and present to the class this discussion between psychoanalyst, Erich Fromm and TV personality, Mike Wallace. (Due date: post novel)

7. Social Predestination Experiment – create and conduct a social experiment that will help us enter into the mindset of Huxley’s Brave New World. Divide the class into social groups (Alphas, Betas, etc.) and develop an activity and reflection that will give us insights into Huxley’s characters. Ask your classmates to consider what modern day caste systems exist. (Due date: mid-novel).

8. Media – Media Scholar, Marty Kaplan, speaks with Bill Moyers in a segment entitled: Distracted from Democracy. View and select portions to share with the class. Lead a discussion on the issues and questions this interview illuminates and provokes.(Due date: post novel)

9. Rhetoric, slogans, and propaganda – how are we manipulated by language?  In this article, Neil Straus suggests that “In order to resist being manipulated by those who spread fear for personal, political and corporate gain, it’s necessary to understand it.” Read and present this thought provoking article from Rolling Stone. You and your group will lead us in a round table discussion about fear and its role in controlling our thoughts and actions, despite the fact that we are living in the safest time in human history.  “Why Are We Living in the Age of Fear?”

10. Arts – Take us on an exploratory journey sampling the various visual artists, dancers and musicians who have reacted to and been inspired by Huxley’s vision. Music might includes songs by Styx, Iron Maiden, and a recent recording by Oathless titled “The Road to Dystopia.”  Visual arts and film – see the Walker Museum show titled Brave New Worlds :

Be prepared to provide documentation (song lyrics, etc.) and share insights you have developed about these interpretations.

11. Create and perform the World State National anthem. Be sure to make references to details in the text. Also, find a way to get your audience involved (a sing-along?) (Due date: After Chapter 14).

12. Create a missing scene. Write a script and act out a scene Huxley alludes to (or write an alternate ending.) Consider fleshing out the details about Linda’s relationship with the D.H.C. This will include a brief written response explaining the reasons behind your choices. (Due date: will correspond to your choice of scene.)

13. Craft and film a commercial for a product or service characters experience in the World State.

What product(s) will be featured? What argument will your advertisement explore? How will you establish ethos, create logos and appeal to pathos? Be sure to include a script. (Due date: mid novel).

14.Solidarity in our world. In this CNN article, Amanda Enayati explores how social media is a new frontier for communicating support for groups targeted by prejudice. Read and present the information in this CNN article. Be sure to air the commercial and explain the controversy surrounding it.

“The Power of Prejudice — and Why you Should Speak Up”



  • For the artist: create three pieces of art from the point of view of one of the characters in the novel.  The pieces should reflect the growth or changes of the character and should illuminate a theme or themes in the novel.  Include an essay that explains how each piece meets the above goals. (Due date: TBA)
  • For the musician: Create three songs that relate to the novel. Write new lyrics to a familiar melodies that contain several verses and a chorus.  This song should capture the thoughts and feelings of one of the major characters in the book, and it should contain satire, imagery, irony, and allusions to historical incidents.  Then, write an essay that explains how your songs illustrate the themes and concerns of BNW.  You will perform this song for the class. (Due date: TBA)
  • Create your own: Have an idea? Consult with me and write up a proposal for your individualized BNW project.


Your rubric, presentation notes and documents must submitted to me throught two days before your presentation.

Remember, you are expected to create a presentation that engages us and contributes to our understanding of the novel.




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