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May 1 – 19 – Keep up with your literature circle schedule and work on your projects.

New York Times assignment due May 15th.

Presentations begin May 22.

Edit note test June 1.


May 23 – Popular Culture and Unpopular wars (Zach, Neha, Kelsey and Mike).

May 24 – The Scrapbook of Truth (Alanna, LeeAnna, Olivia).

May 25 – The Burdens of Battle – a dance performance (Addie, Hanna, Crisel and James).

May 31 – The Weight of War (an interactive outdoor experience – rain date June 5.) (Peter, Brian, Sabrina and Dan).


May 22 – Jack, Greg, Frank and Mike D. – PTSD vs. Moral Injury Q. and A.

May 23 – Nicole, Jess, Marissa and Susan – The Things YOU Carry – a writing drill ūüėČ

May 24 – Kaylee, Mike, Jerrin and Kevin – Vietnam Draft simulation. Guest speaker introduction – Meaghan, Mackenzie, Rebecca and Sydney.

May 25 – Guest Speaker – Mr. Chris Cortelli

May 26 – Brian, Matt, Mike H. and Steven. Moral Decisions – Take a Walk on the War Side.

May 30 – Alice, Brittany and Katie. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial.





Hang in there – do your work and savor the moments…

Any Senior who would like to invite a former teacher from elementary or middle school to the graduation ceremony should see Mrs. Rauzi in the 2nd floor office no later than May 15th.   These teachers will be part of the graduation ceremony.

Week of 4/24 – 4/28

Monday, 4/24: Early (+5) NY Times assignments due. Reading groups meet to discuss novels and projects. Be sure to take notes and keep up with the reading. Don’t be surprised by a reading quiz…

Due Thursday: Read and annotate “The Grunts” by David Wood. (I will have copies of this for you on Monday). You can also access here: “The Grunts” by David Wood.

We will skip edit note 28.

Friday: Discuss Wood article.



Frankenstein blog post due Tuesday 4/4 at 3pm.

Monday, 4/3 –¬† Tuesday, 4/4 – Prepare for our mock trial, which will take place on Wednesday, April 5.


Wednesday, 4/5 – Mock Trial.

HW: Read, annotate and be prepared to discuss NY Times article: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/11/opinion/sunday/the-dangerous-safety-of-college.html


Thursday, 4/6 – Discuss style and rhetoric in NY Times article. Edit note 26 due.


Friday, 4/7 – Early deadline for NY Times 4/6. (Must be turned into Ms. D before 7:30 am) Finish viewing Frankenstein.

Enjoy a HW free spring break. ūüôā

February into March…

Tuesday, 2/28: Frankenstein reading due:

Frankenstein introduction, chronology and historical context (vii ‚Äď xxi) preface and letters I ‚Äď V (up to and including page 26) due on Tuesday, February 28th. Take notes on characters and consider why Shelley may have begun this work using the epistolary form.

Wednesday, 3/1:  Discuss letters. Read aloud chapter one. Finish reading one for hw (due Thursday).

Thursday, 3/2: Edit note 21 due. (You will need your yellow grammar book for this.)

HW: Read Chapters 2 ‚Äď 4. (Pages 38 – 63.) Take notes on characters and pay close attention to Shelley‚Äôs diction, especially when describing the creature. Select a MIP and MIW for each and record with your reasoning.

Friday, 3/3:  Discuss audio piece on embryo experimentation. Time permitting Рdiscuss chapters 2-4.

HW: Due Wednesday, 3/8 – Read Chapters 5 –¬†7 ( pgs. 64 – 97). Select an MIP and MIW for each.

Monday, 3/6: Movie day – view opening scenes of Kenneth Branagh’s Frankenstein.

HW: Review your notes and refresh your memory about Chapters 2 – 4, which we will discuss (reading quiz?) tomorrow.

Tuesday, 3/7: Review chapters 2 – 4. HW: Read Chapters 5 –¬†7 ( pgs. 64 – 97). Select an MIP and MIW for each.

Wednesday, 3/8: Review chapter 5 Р7. HW due Monday, 3/13: Volume II, chapters 1 Р3. (Notes on characters, MIP/MIW).  Frankenstein ppts.: Frankenstein Chapters 2 _ 4 2017 edited-10qk72c

Frankenstein Chapters 5_8 Vol II chap 1 2017-1rju4rc

Thursday, 3/9: Edit note due. Movie day.

Friday, 3/10 : Superintendent conference day. No classes.

Monday, 3/13: Discuss vol. II, Chapters 1-3 (pgs. 101 – 126).

HW due Wednesday: read and take notes on chapters 4-5 (pgs. 127-142).

Wednesday, 3/15: Discuss chapters 4-5.

HW: Due Thursday – MIP with reasoning and MIW for Chapters 6 – 8. CONSIDER – Why is Chapter 8 a turning point in the novel? Edit note 23 due.

HW due Monday, 3/20: Read and annotate the following in preparation for Monday’s” Monstrous” Socratic seminar. Pre-debate discussion – what constitutes a “monster?” Why are we fascinated with monsters and how do they embody generational fears? Why are zombies our monsters au courant?

Thursday, 3/16 – Review Chapters Vol. II 6 – 8. Catch up day. HW: Edit note due.

Friday, 3/17:¬† Movie day! ¬†ūüôā

HW due Monday: Read and annotate the following in preparation for our “Monstrous” Socratic seminar on Tuesday 3/21.

Pre-debate discussion – what constitutes a “monster?” Why are we fascinated with monsters and how do they embody generational fears? Why are zombies our monsters au courant?

Monday, 3/20: Be prepared to discuss articles and develop questions for Monday’s Socratic seminar. Monster Socratic Seminar on Tuesday.

Tuesday, 3/21:¬† Craft questions for tomorrow’s seminar. HW: Type up your response to eight of your classes’ questions (please – no handwritten responses. This will be collected at the end of the seminar.)

Wednesday, 3/22:  Socratic Seminar. HW: Read and take notes on Vol. II, Chapter 9. Include a MIP and MIW with your reasoning. Review Chapters 6 Р8 so you can discuss in class tomorrow.

Thursday, 3/23: Edit note 24 due. Discuss chapters Vol. II 6 – 9. HW due Monday: Read and take notes (MIP/MIW) vol. III chapters 1-2.

Friday, 3/24: Review of Mock Trial task. Roles distributed. Movie Day!

HW: Select and or work on your Frankenstein blog post Р due 4/3. Read and take notes (MIP/MIW) vol. III chapters 1-2.

Monday, 3/27:  Discuss Vol. III, Chapters 1-2.

HW: read and take notes (MIP/MIW) on  chapters 3-5.

Tuesday, 3/28: Discuss 3 – 5. HW: Read and take notes on 6-7 (last chapters.)

Wednesday, 3/29:Wrap up novel. HW: Review for tomorrow’s final exam.

Thursday, 3/30: Frankenstein final. Edit note 25 due.

Friday, 3/31:  In class Рwork on blog post due April 3. Movie Day!

Monday, 4/3 – Blog post due at 3pm. Monday and Tuesday – Prepare for our mock trial, which will take place on Wednesday, April 5.

Wednesday, 4/5 – Mock Trial. HW: Read, annotate and be prepared to discuss NY Times article: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/11/opinion/sunday/the-dangerous-safety-of-college.html

Thursday, 4/6 – Early deadline for NY Times 4/6. Edit note 26 due.

Friday, 4/7 – Finish viewing Frankenstein.








Tuesday, 1/3: Huxley biography presentation (Matt, Brian, Steven) – pd 5. Contemporary Connections (Brian and Peter) – pd. 3

In class: Use the Chat Station strategy to review chapters 8 – 10. HW: Read and answer questions for Chapter 11. PRINT OUT QUESTIONS HERE: brave-new-world-chapter-analysis-questions-chapters-11-15

Wednesday, 1/4: Review Chapter 11. Pd 3 РPsychology presentation (Zach).  Bioethics presentation (Jerrin and Kevin) Pd. 5.

HW: Edit note 14 due tomorrow. Read and answer questions for Chapter 12.

Thursday, 1/5: Social Experiment presentations pd. 3  (Alanna, Olivia and Lee Anna) and pd.5 Meaghan and Rebecca РBehavioral Psych and BNW. Review chapter 12. HW: Edit note 14 due.

Friday, 1/6: Review chapter 12 – catch up day.

HW: Read and answer questions for Chapters 13 – 15.

Monday, 1/9: Review chapters 13 – 15.

Presentations: pd 3 Milgram experiment (Addie, Crisel and Hannah).

Commercial presentations Рpd. 3 Daniel and Sabrina.

pd 5 – Michael M and Kaylee – Social experiment

Jack, Greg, Mike H – Soma Commercial

Tuesday, 1/10: Review chapters 13 – 15, continued.

Presentations: Pd. 3: Artistic Connections (Neha). Pd. 5: Brittany and Alice on Sociology, Frank and Michael D. РTravel commercial for the Savage Reservation.

HW: Read and select a MIP and MIW for chapter 16.

Wednesday, 1/11: Review Chapter 16. HW: Read and select a MIP and MIW for Chapter 17.  Edit note 15 due tomorrow.

Thursday, 1/12: HW: Review Chapter 17. HW due Tuesday, 1/17.

Friday, 1/13: Early Release Day – pds. 5 – 8.

Monday, 1/16: MLK day. No school. Due Wednesday, 1/18. Read and select a MIW and MIP for Chapter 18.

Tuesday, 1/17:  Review Chapters 15 Р17.

Wednesday, 1/18: Chapter 18 Рconclusion of novel. Edit Note 16 due tomorrow.  Review your notes for BNW final exam.

Thursday, 1/19: Edit Note 16B due.  REMINDER РEDIT NOTE QUIZ ON MONDAY, 1/23.

BRAVE NEW WORLD FINAL EXAM (Multiple choice and short essay response).

Friday, 1/20: Presentations in Pd. 5: Missing scenes: Marissa, Nicole and Jess, Susan. Advertisement: Frank and Michael D.

Monday, 1/23: EDIT NOTE QUIZ 

Tuesday, 1/24: Introduction to our “Food for Thought” unit.

Wednesday, 1/25: Food for Thought, continued.

HW due tomorrow ‚Äď In your LOC, read Chapter 3 ‚Äď pages 81 ‚Äď 130. You do not have to do the activities, but do take notes on the types of claims, induction and deduction, the classical oration and the fallacies. Don‚Äôt be surprised by a reading quiz. PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR TEXTBOOK WITH YOU.

Thursday, 1/26: Edit Note 17B due. Introduction to argument. Reading quiz.

Friday, 1/27: END OF SEMESTER ONE.¬† Deadline alert ‚Äď (Food arguments due February 17th.)

HW due Monday:

  • View both short clips on the food industry and take notes. Come to class prepared to discuss:

Clip One: Why we shouldn‚Äôt let the food industry dictate our diets ‚Äď Michael Pollan on the PBS Newshour

Summarize Pollan’s claim and purpose. Write down two points you find most compelling. Include two questions you have that could lead you into a deeper investigation and opinion piece.

Summarize the claim and purpose. Write down two points you find most compelling. Include two questions you have that could lead you into a deeper investigation and opinion piece.

  • Bring in at least one article (PRINT AND ANNOTATE) that you are considering using as resource for your argument.

Monday, 1/30: Discuss the arguments implicit on the two food clips and share out our articles.

Logical fallacy pairs assigned. BNW final and edit note quiz returned.

Tuesday, 1/31: Argument, continued. Exploration of the classical argument structure.


Wednesday, 2/1:¬† HW due Thursday: BE SURE TO BRING YOUR LANGUAGE OF COMPOSITION TEXT TO CLASS EVERYDAY.¬† SKIP EDIT NOTE 18 ūüôā Read about conjunctive adverbs in your yellow grammar text. (Page 726 – 12.2) HW Due Thursday ‚Äst¬†Read, annotate and take notes on¬† ‚ÄúA Naturalist in the Supermarket‚ÄĚ (page 962). Write your answers to the questions on page 965 (1-6). In class: HW check. Commit to a topic you want to explore in your argument and craft a claim. Fallacy pairs assigned and scheduled.

Thursday, 2/2 –¬† Review “A Naturalist…”¬† and discuss questions. In class – share our claims and put them to the “So What?” test. HW FOR FRIDAY – READ THE CLASSICAL ARGUMENT HANDOUT.

Friday, 2/3 – HW for Tuesday – Read and annotate”Playing God in the Garden” and “The Race to Save the Orange…”

Monday, 2/6 – School closed – Superintendent’s Conference Day.

Fallacy presentations (25 pts.)                            PERIOD THREE                      PERIOD FIVE

  1. Appeal to False Authority                   Leanna, Alanna, Olivia              Susan, Marissa
  2. Straw Man                                              Leanna, Alanna, Olivia              Katie
  3. Circular reasoning                                James, Addie                               Kevin, Jerrin
  4. Either/or reasoning                              James, Addie                              Kaylee, Mike
  5. Hasty Generalization                           Brian, Peter                                  Sydney, Mackenzie
  6. Ad hominem                                          Brian, Peter                                  Frank, Mike D
  7. Post hoc, ergo propter hoc                  Mike, Kelsey                                 Steven, Mike H.
  8. Red herring                                            Mike, Kelsey                                 Nicole, Jess
  9. Faulty analogy                                       Crisel, Hannah                             Brittany, Alice
  10. Slippery Slope                                       Crisel, Hannah                              Meaghan, Rebecca
  11. Bandwagon                                            Dan, Sabrina                                 skip
  12. Non Sequitur                                         Dan, Sabrina                                Jack, Greg
  13. Begging the Question (define diff. with C.R.)  Neha, Zack                  Brian, Matt

Tuesday, 2/7 – HW due Thursday: Read, annotate and take notes on “The Locavore Myth” on page 965. Write your answers to¬†questions 1 – 6 on page 967. Fallacy presentations begin – # 1 – 4.

Wednesday, 2/8 – Fallacy presentations – # 5 – 8

Thursday, 2/9 – Edit note 19 due. Fallacy presentations – # 9 – 13. “The Locavore Myth” questions due.

Friday, 2/10 – Organizing evidence for our arguments.

HW due Monday: Complete the evidence chart for your argument. Be sure to have at least three pieces of evidence from each source.

Monday, 2/13 –¬† Chipotle blog post due at 2pm. Fallacy presentations continue. Discuss “The Locavore Myth.”

Tuesday, 2/14 – In class work day.

Wednesday, 2/15 –Logical fallacy quiz. In class work day. Early arguments due (+5).

Thursday, 2/16 – Edit note 20 due. In class work day.

Friday, 2/17 – Arguments due.

February 18 – 25 – Winter break.

Monday, February 27. Intro to Frankenstein. HW due Tuesday: Read Frankenstein introduction, chronology and historical context (vii ‚Äď xxi) preface and letters I ‚Äď V (up to and including page 26).

Take notes on characters and consider why Shelley may have begun this work using the epistolary form.

March 2 – Edit note 21 due.









December 12 – 23

Monday, 12/12: Blog post due at 7 AM based on Friday’s lesson. See BNW Values page.

In class we will review and select BNW projects and view student exemplar. Hw due Tuesday ‚Äď read and take notes on Chapter 3 ‚Äď record new characters, values, motifs in fill-in notes. Select two MIPs and one MIW. Explain your reasoning.

Tuesday, 12/13: Review Chapter 3. Lesson on rubric creation. HW: Read and select MIP and MIW for Chapter 4.

Wednesday, 12/14: Review Chapter 4. HW: Read and select MIP and MIW for Chapter 5.

Thursday, 12/15:  Edit note 12 due. Review Chapter 5. Groups work on rubrics. HW: Read and select MIP and MIW for Chapter 6.

Friday, 12/16: Review Chapter 6. HW Read and select MIPs and MIWs for Chapters 7 and 8.

Monday, 12/19: Groups work on rubrics. Review Chapters 7 and 8. Period 5 – holiday party sign up.

Tuesday, 12/20: All rubrics due. Allusion presentation in pds. 3 and 5. Read and select MIPs and MIWs for Chapters 9 and 10.

Wednesday, 12/21: Review Chapters 9 and 10. HW: Edit note 13

Thursday, 12/22: Edit note 13 due. Pd. 3 РPresentation on the Power of Speaking Up to Prejudice (James) and  Pd. 5 РMilgram experiment (Sydnie and Mackenzie).

Friday, 12/23: Holiday Party! HW over the break: Watch TV ūüôā See BNW – Twilight Zone episode: “Number 12 Looks Just Like You” page.

December 5 Р9

Monday: Period 3 – Intro. to BNW. Period 3 students – you may read Chapter one in class.

Period 5 РWrap up presentations. HW due Wednesday: Read Chapter 1 and take notes on characterization, setting, etc. in BNW. Use your fill-in notes sheet I handed out today.

Tuesday: Intro to BNW, continued.

Wednesday: Don’t be surprised by a reading quiz. Review Chapter 1 BNW. HW due Thursday: Read Chapter 2 and take notes. SELECT A MOST IMPORTANT PASSAGE AND A MOST IMPORTANT WORD. RECORD THIS WITH THE PAGE AND PARAGRAPH NUMBER IN YOUR NOTES. EXPLAIN YOUR REASONING. You can make some predictions, and your MIW doesn’t have to be in your paragraph. just in Chapter 2.

Thursday, December 8 – Chapter 2 review. Edit note 11 due.

Friday, December 9th – Brave New World Values. Blog post due Monday at 7 AM based on today’s lesson. See BNW Values page.

Week of October 5

Wednesday: Review JFK’s inaugural speech,¬†his use of rhetorical devices and their effects. Consider visual rhetoric.

Thursday: Review for tomorrow’s quiz on rhetorical devices. Look over the New York Times Analysis assignment, which is due on Thursday, October 20th. Early submissions (10/14) earn¬†5 bonus pts. Sorta early submissions (10/17) earn 2.5 bonus pts.

Preview NY Times analysis assignment: NYT analysis 2015

Student exemplars:  NYT Analysis 1   NYT Analysis 2.

You can select from the following opinion pieces.

Will the Left Survive the Millennials?

Crazy About the Presidency

The Age of Reaction

Your Boycott Won’t Help Iranian Women

Peres: 93 Years Young

Donald Trump’s Sad, Lonely Life

Friday: Edit note 4 due. We will take the rhetorical device quiz and review for Thursday’s edit note quiz.

Time permitting: We will get started on the assignment below. Be sure to bring the article with you.

Week of October 11

Due Tuesday, October 11. Read and annotate “What is the Point of College?”

  1. Annotate using the word family strategy to determine how Appiah’s use of diction contributes to his tone.
  2. Notate at least two rhetorical devices and comment on their effects.
  3. Highlight for ELP and select AND CIRCLE a word you feel he uses particularly well. Explain.
  4. Complete a SOAPStone chart.

Edit note quiz on notes 1 – 4 is rescheduled for Thursday, October 13.

You can use the following PowerPoint presentation (we reviewed this in class) to prepare for the quiz.


Note that the next edit note is due on 10/20.

Friday, October 14

We will work in groups to share our findings on “What is the Point of College?”

OctoberWeek of October 17th

Homework due Monday:

Time for some comic relief! Over the weekend, listen to this piece from the New Yorker Radio hour:

Coconut Oil Changed My Life

Jot down your responses to the following:

  1. Look up and add satire to your glossary.
  2. Interpret the following:

Satire should, like a polished razor keen,

Wound with a touch that’s scarcely felt or seen.

~ Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

3. What social ill is Cirocco Dunlap addressing?

4. What is the (mock) argument of this piece?

5. What is the argument embedded in the satirical perspective?

Tuesday, October 18 and Thursday, October 20

In class – discuss “Coconut” and define satire. Read and annotate¬† “Buds” by Ian Frazier. (I will have this printed for you on Tuesday.) ūüôā

New York Times Analysis and Edit note 5 due Thursday.

Friday, October 21

Introduction to the Monuments and Memorials project.

Week of October 24

Monday: PLEASE remember to bring in your permission slip and $25.00 for our fieldtrip.

Review M and M project. Form groups.  Homework: Read and annotate poems in packet.

Tuesday: Poetry groups meet to SOAPStone poems.

Wednesday: Poetry analysis continues

Thursday: Poetry analysis continues – groups present findings. Edit note 6 due.

Friday: Develop questions for Monument and Memorial poetry socractic seminar on Monday. (30 pts.)

Week of October 31

Monday: Students complete edit note. Don’t forget to turn it in on Thursday!

Tuesday: Poetry micro presentations/seminar questions.

HW: Begin to read articles due on Thursday.

Wednesday: Develop Socratic Seminar questions.

HW due Thursday: type up responses to seminar questions.


Friday: Here are the Socratic seminar questions for periods 3 and 5.   Socratic Seminar questions

Type your responses to 8 of the 10 questions. Think about all the questions. Be sure to select the questions from YOUR CLASS. Please, no handwritten notes.

HW due Monday: Print, read and annotate all three articles: ‚ÄúA Mirror of Greatness, Blurred‚ÄĚ by Edward Rothstein from The New York Times.



‚ÄúRighting Two Martin Luther King Memorial Wrongs‚ÄĚ by Hampton Dellinger from The Atlantic.



“Stuck Between the Conceptual and Literal”¬†by Philip Kennicott from The Washington Post.


November 7th – December 3.

Monday, November 7: Monument and Memorial exemplars. Discuss MLK articles. Print, read and annotate the Gopnick article below for Wednesday, 11/9.

“Stones and Bones” by Adam Gopnick from The New Yorker.


Optional reading: “The Near Impossible Challenge of Designing the 9/11 Museum” by Cliff Kuang from Wired Magazine

Tuesday, November 8: Parent teacher conferences: no classes.


HW: Do some research on Eric Laxman’s work and¬†type up¬†at least five thoughtful questions for Monday. I will collect this on Monday.¬†Mr. Laxman’s Public Art and Memorials¬†

(This should be typed and will be turned in.)

Print, read and annotate the following for Wednesday, November 16th.


Thursday, November 10th: Early Release Day.

Friday, November 11th: Veteran’s Day.


Tuesday, November 15th: Breakfast in the cafeteria at 7:25. ūüôā Be in the lobby to board the bus to NYC at 7:50.

Bring your lunch and dress to be outside. Rain in the forecast. ūüôĀ

Wednesday, November 16th: Edit note quiz.

Homework due today: “Shaping the Void” by Paul Goldenberger from The New Yorker.


Fieldtrip debrief. The Rhetoric of Monuments and Memorials.

Thursday, November 17th: Edit note 9 due. M and M in class work day.

Friday, November 18th: M and M in class work day.

Monday, November 21: M and M in class work day.

Tuesday, November 22: M and M in class work day.

Wednesday, November 23:

Thursday and Friday: Thanksgiving holiday.

Monday, November 28 – Friday, December 2: Due Monday, 11/28 at 7 a.m. Monument and Memorial essays submitted to Turnitin.com. M and M presentations. Edit note 10 due 12/1.

Monday, December 5th – Begin BNW.

Thursday, December 8 – Edit note 11 due.

Friday, December 9th – FOOD FRIDAYS begin.










September Essential Questions:

What is rhetoric and how is it used to communicate, inform, entertain and manipulate?

What is literary style and how do its components (diction, syntax and other rhetorical devices) contribute to meaning and tone?

Week of September 7th:

Wednesday, 9/7 – Welcome back! Introductions, review of syllabus, hand out planners.

Thursday, 9/8 – Signed contract due. Review plagiarism definitions.

Friday, 9/9 РReview of 12H curriculum and assessments in detail. Log into blog.

Week of September 12th Edit note due Thursday, 9/15.

Monday, 9/12: Thinking about 9/11 – The day we will never forget. View and analyze Budweiser 9/11 commercial.

Tuesday 9/13: Read the Ethos, Logos and Pathos page. In class instruction: unpacking the Common App prompts

Wednesday,  9/14: College essay models, tips and checklist

1. Read and consider this article in the NY Times. Take some quick notes (can be a few bullets – be sure to bring to class) and be prepared to discuss in class.


2. Also read these tips from Andrew K. Strickler, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid at Connecticut College, jot down what struck you as most important and bring to class: http://www.conncoll.edu/admission/apply/essays-that-worked/

Thursday, 9/15 –¬†Edit Note # 1 due.¬†¬† No late edit notes accepted.

Read the essays featured on this page and identify the one that you found most compelling: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/05/17/business/college-essays.html?emc=eta1

Friday, 9/16 – In class – read text book and take notes while we continue individual consultations.

  • Week of September 18th Blog post¬†due¬†Thursday, 9/22 @ 4PM.

    Edit note 2 due Thursday, 9/22.


Monday, 9/19 – Reading quiz on LOC Chapter 1. (Matching quiz. 12 Questions/24 points.) Individual consults continue as students work independently. In class: Create a glossary in the back of your binder/notebook. Use the front and back of your pages.

(I will guide you in this process in class.) Page 1 = A – E, Page 2 = F -J, Page 3 = K – P, Page 4 = Q – T, Page 5 = V – Z.)

HW: Print, read and annotate http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/08/other-mens-flowers/ Other Men’s Flowers

Be sure to add new terms to your glossary as you read. Don’t be surprised by a quiz on terms.

Tuesday, 9/20 : Bring your printed and annotated copy of ‚ÄúOther Men‚Äôs Flowers.‚ÄĚ

HW: Blog post on the college essay process due on Thursday at 4PM.  Here is the rubric for our blog posts: 12H blog rubric

Wednesday, 9/21: Be sure to have your textbook. Focus on Lou Gehrig’s speech (LOC). Reread considering Gehrig’s use of ELP. Preview the following clip:

 In class, we will complete a Soaps TONE chart, analyzing this speech.

Thursday, 9/22: Edit note #2 due. College essay blog post due at 4 PM. Finish your SOAPSTONE CHART for Gehrig’s speech.

Friday, 9/23: College essays due on Monday.

HW: Look for a print ad to share with the class.

You will bring this to class on Wednesday, 9/28.  


  • Week of September 26th

  • Edit note¬†3¬†due Thursday, 9/29

Monday: Wrap up Gehrig’s “Luckiest Man” speech. Practice the word family strategy.

HW due Tuesday – If possible, watch the Clinton/Trump debate. Consider how each of the candidates establishes ethos, creates logos and appeals to pathos. Explore this site and take the poll: https://www.isidewith.com

Finish annotating President¬†Bush’s speech to the nation¬†after 9/11¬†using the word family technique. Complete a Soapstone chart. Identify ELP using highlighters.

Also read and annotate President Obama’s speech.  Identify ELP using highlighters and use the word family strategy to annotate.

Wednesday: Ethos Logos and Pathos in Advertisements. BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR ADVERTISEMENT WITH YOU. Write a brief paragraph identifying ELP in your ad, and evaluate your ad’s effectiveness.

Upcoming: print, read, annotate and fill in examples of rhetorical terms in  JFK’s Inaugural address.