Great Opportunity- 2 Saturday Drawing classes at Mercy College – Space limited to 16 students

The Computer Arts+Design Program at Mercy College invites students to attend a Drawing Workshop hosted by Professor Josh Gaetjen.

The workshop provides students with an introduction to the basic principles and processes of observational drawing. Emphasis will be placed on establishing clear spatial and volumetric renderings of forms. Admission is free for this two-day workshop. Space is limited to 16 students on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information or to register, contact Professor Josh Gaetjen at 914.674.3015 or at To learn more about the Computer Arts + Design program, visit

Former President Bush turns to painting for healing









NBC News reports:

The president commented along with the photo that, “Over the past several months, I’ve painted the portraits of 98 wounded warriors I’ve gotten to know – remarkable men and women who were injured carrying out my orders.”

One of the oft commented on aspects of President Bush’s personality has always been his concern and worry over the men and women who were put in harm’s way because of choices and orders he gave. This project is a lovely and fitting tribute from a Commander-in-Chief to his men and women who served under him.

The portraits will be a part of a book and exhibit called Portraits of Courage coming in 2017, with proceeds going to The Bush Center and the Bush’s Military Service Initiative.

Scholastic Contest Info

If you are interested in participating in this contest click on the links below to create a login .

click HERE for more information

click HERE for category descriptions

Click HERE to see work from CHSN winners last year

NOTE: After you create the login and upload work, then you will have access to the form that needs to be printed and signed by you, your teacher and your parent/guardian.

Steps tp follow:

Step 1: Go to that link and log in
Step 2: Upload Image include dimensions
Step 3: Complete the Profile
Step 4: Print form and have parents sign
Step 5: Write a $5 check to : Alliance for Young Artists & Writers
Step 6:
Bring in the check and the form to have teacher sign

Color Theory- Color Schemes, and Color Perception

Basic Color Schemes:








Advanced Color Schemes:



Split Complementary




Click HERE for more information on color schemes


Color Interactions and Color Harmony: 

It is important to build up all areas in a work together, as opposed to completely defining one area before moving on to the next.  You need to continuously monitor the appearance of colors depending on what colors they are next to.

Experiment with placing a color next to colors from different color schemes to notice how it appears differently.









Click HERE to test your color acuity