Right Brain – Left Brain Shift

Drawing and Painting students have been engaging in exercises to help them better understand the functions of the left vs. the right side of the brain, and how they can make that work for them when they are drawing. ¬†Below is a classic…face, vase drawing!

Also on the list – upside down drawings and blind contours.

Time to quiet that left brain down!


try imageAs artists, we are often our biggest critics.

We might worry about whether we are good enough, or what others around us think about our work.

As we start this new school year, I encourage you to TRY.

You will never know what you are capable unless you TRY.

You will never grow, unless you are willing to leave your comfort zone and TRY.

There are no mistakes, only experiences to learn and grow from.

So get out of your way, and let’s get started!