Important Upcoming Dates

Friday, 4/27 – Quiz on Scientific Notation

(Changing numbers from standard form to scientific notation and vice versa.  Identifying if a number is in scientific notation and fixing it if it’s not.  Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing in scientific notation.)

Tuesday 5/1 & Wednesday 5/2 – NYS Math Assessment (Students should come to school with #2 pencils and their scientific calculator.  There will be extra calculators in the exam rooms for students to borrow if they don’t have their own calculator.)

Friday, 5/4 – Review Test on Units 1-5  (So far we have reviewed Equation Solving (pgs 22-23), Triangles (pgs 13-14), Systems of Equations (24-26/41) & Angle Relationships (5-8).  Review will continue the week of 4/30, do NOT lose your review packets!)