Quest on Linear Equations – 75 POINTS

Scheduled Date is now Friday 1/19/18

  • Completing a t-chart and graphing  a line
  • Different types of slope (positive, negative, zero and undefined)
  • Is an ordered pair a solution to a linear equation
  • Is an equation linear or nonlinear
  • Graphing a line given a point and the slope
  • Graphing a line in slope-intercept form
  • Identifying the slope and y-intercept in an equation
  • Writing an equation given the slope and y-intercept
  • Rewriting an equation in slope-intercept form
  • Find the slope of a line given two ordered pairs
  • Finding x and y intercepts algebraically
  • Write the equation of a line given slope and a coordinate
  • Find an x or y value if you know the slope of a line