Quest Thursday 1/17/19

  • Identifying if an equation is linear or nonlinear
  • Identifying slope as positive, negative, zero or undefined (no slope)
  • Is an ordered pair a solution to a linear equation
  • Given an x-value find the corresponding y-value
  • Finding slope and y-intercept from a graph
  • Creating and graphing a line with a t-chart
  • Graphing a line in slope-intercept form
  • Solving an equation for y (rewriting in slope-intercept form)
  • Solving for x & y-intercepts algebraically
  • Finding slope given two ordered pairs
  • Writing the equation of a line given two ordered pairs

Expectations for the Transformation Unit

  • All graphing MUST be done in PENCIL!
  • Use a RULER/STRAIGHT EDGE when drawing lines
  • Once we start Transformations it is your responsibility to MEMORIZE the rules.  They will NOT be given to you on a test or quiz.
  • Look at each day’s lesson when you do your HW, seeing things in color will help!