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Regents Day – Wednesday, 6/19

Arrival Time

  • Option #1 – arrive at school by 9 AM.  You will report to the Far Cafeteria for a silent study period.  You should bring review material, a book to read and LUNCH.  The cafeterias will NOT be serving food.
  • Option #2 – arrive promptly at 12:15.  You can either be dropped off or you can walk to school.  Enter school on the parent pickup road and go into the Far Cafeteria.  Find the table with my name on and sit quietly.
  • You MAY NOT arrive at school between 9 and 12:15!

Dismissal Time

  • Dismissal is approximately 3:45 PM.  There will be late buses or you can be picked up on the Parent Pickup Road.

Items to Bring 

  • Pens (blue or black only), pencils and erasers.  This is all you need to take into the exam.
  • Graphing calculators and rulers will be provided.  You may NOT use your own calculator, everyone will use a school calculator.
  • You can bring a sling bag to school to hold your cell phone and other personal belongings, but they will be stored in the far cafeteria for the duration of the test.
  • If you borrowed a calculator from the school please bring it in that day to be returned.  There will be boxes in the Far Cafeteria with my name on it.