Rams Pride

It’s time to show your school spirit! Three Students, Emma Resnick, Jackie Kaufman and Erin Nagle, created a Rams Nation Instagram account to ramp up the Rams spirit and get everyone to increase their school pride. The account can be found by searching  “@chsn_nation” on Instagram. They post photos that showcase CHSN and all its happenings. Some recent posts include photos of sunrises at school, green screen photos in front of the North ram, school trips and  football games.

The three students started the account as part of a 20% project for their Marine Bio class.

The 20% project is something that Mrs.Bernasconi does with all of her classes, no matter the grade or class level. The project is hand-picked by the students and can be any subject matter, some students go on internships, research chemicals in food, even create cookbooks. The idea is that students will pick something that they are passionate about, further their learning and curiosity and do good for the community. Since the projects are averaged into their final grades, students get time to work on their projects every Wednesday but also must work on them outside of class in order to be successful.

Erin, Jackie and Emma are going above and beyond by creating a ton of excitement at North. If you want a shout out and to win spirit prizes, follow their account and wait for them to post a North related trivia question. If you are the first to answer the question correctly you can win rams cave gift cards, North colored, purple and gold, bead necklaces or a chsn bracelet.  


Norths No Shave November

North Dance Team made it to Nationals! This is the first year ever that they qualified for the Universal Dance Association National Championships Competition which is to be held in Disney. The competition is February 3rd through the 5th and quite pricey. In order to send all team members to the ESPN complex in Disney the team is fundraising.

The Team held a Battle of the beards, ‘No Shave November’ competition to raise money. The battle was between Mr.Cooper and our very own Rams Horn Advisor, Mr.Celini. Both teachers had to start the competition with a freshly shaven face and see who could grow the longest beard by the end of the month. In order to raise money, students had to guess which teacher they believed would have the longest beard by the end of November and place money in a box labeled, Mr.Celini or Mr.Cooper. The team gave out lollipops to anyone who donated money as a thank you.

Pictures were hung in the mansion of the teachers and their beard progress week by week. There were also two thermometer posters tracking the money raised and so everyone could see who was in the lead at all times. Mr.Cooper ended up winning the competition in the end but Mr.Celini put up a good fight and was very humble about his loss but ready for redemption. Mr.Celini stated that he “wants to see all the teachers get scruffy next year…..I challenge all male teachers to a beard bracket next year”.


Musician Of The Month! – Matthew Gandelman

By Annamarie Pellegrino
(Originally written: 12/5/16)

Matt started his musical journey in 4th grade, where he played the saxophone. This year, he is taking a new route and playing the bassoon as well. Matt has been part of the pit orchestra, school orchestra, marching band and the jazz band which won gold at NYSSMA Majors. “Music is something I’m really good at and something I enjoy” tells Matt. “Always remember to drop it like it’s hot” he adds as a humorous joke towards his musical friends.


Toys For Tots

By Corryn Mathis
(Originally written on 12/5/16)

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are coming around, and everyone is ready to go shopping and get gifts for their family. When you’re shopping, please remember to pick up a gift for a child in need. Some families are having a rough time and have trouble affording presents for their children for the holidays. Toys for Tots helps these families in need by collecting toys from generous donors. Toys for Tots was founded by the Marine Corps in the 1970’s, with an original intent to supply toys for military families in need. Since then, it has evolved to help any and all families in need, and has collected over 512 million toys for 237 million children. To help  this number grow, North has set up collection boxes all over the school, so you can donate a new toy to someone in need . These boxes are set up in the annex and main offices from November 28th until December 16th. This is a great way to give back to the community and help a child in need have a great holiday!


Frawley’s Halloween Game

On Friday, October 28th, North had two very special events. During the Friday night football game, money was being raised for Frawley Strong in honor of Liam Frawley, and students got to dress up for a Halloween themed game.

Students of all ages dressed up, showing us that team spirit and Halloween spirit never die. Despite it being cold, students still came out to support their team. Students dressed up in a variety of costumes: cats, snapchat filters, Harry Potter, bananas, cowboys and much more. All these creatures stood in the bleachers cheering the team on and around the Huddle snack bar socializing. To add more Halloween spirit, student council members, Sydney Ross and Brian Huang handed out candy to cheering fans and the cheer team performed to Halloween tunes. All the cheering fans, got another special Halloween treat as North won the game against Mamaroneck. North crushed Mamaroneck 20-0.

This special game was also held in honor of Liam Frawley and Frawley Strong. Liam Frawley is an athletic director and director of physical education of the South Orangetown central school district. He has won countless awards for his passion for physical educational work. In January Liam Frawley suffered a traumatic brain injury. He now has a long road to recovery. The money being raised will cover Liam Frawley’s therapy, doctors, a car that accommodates his handicaps and hopefully help make his recovery a fast and easy one. North had Frawley Strong buckets at the game entrance to collect donations. At the conclusion of the game Mrs. Frawley presented the winning trophy to the North football team.