March: Athlete of the Month

By Corryn Mathis

(originally submitted March 5, 2017)

March’s Athlete of the Month is Emily Cahill, a sophomore at North, who exhibits outstanding performance and leadership in Track and Field. Emily does high jump, triple jump and long jump for North’s track team. So far, her high jump best is 4’6, triple jump is 33’10, and long jump is 16’¼”. These are outstanding marks and Emily works extremely hard in practice every single day to achieve them. Because of her amazing jumps, Emily is ranked as the #1 Female Jumper on the team. This season alone, Emily has earned a total of 15 metals, placing first or second place at nearly every single meet.


Java Jive: Smooth Jazz, Smooth Poems and a night we’ll never forget

By Marissa Krasny
Originally submitted May 3, 207

Java Jive is an annual North tradition where our most talented poets and musicians perform their original or cover pieces in front of friends and family. Java Jive is held for two nights in the library, which is transformed for the event. Auditions were open to all North students. Some picked up the mic for the first time, such as Emily Jordan, Claudia Jo, McKenzie Sullivan, Jackson Poulin, Brianna Bryan- Kerr, Rebecca Kaufman, Alyssa Spagna, Lior Shani, Priyanka Ramanathan, Mannion McGinley, Sydney Sullivan, Fern O’Shea, Michelle Giraldo and Ethan O’Donoghue.

Some Seniors also picked it up for the last time, such as Aleyah Aragon, CJ Marquez, Bradley Winograd, Sabrina Diaz, Dan Arroyo, Jonathan Uppin, Emily Jordan, Adell Cirrincione, Rachel Weinfeld, Hannah Beitler, Erin Nagle, Scott Martin, Diana Mathew, Dan Murray, Scott Martin, Matt Jaynes, Ben Livney, Sophie Feldman, Jake Valois, Gabi Dwyer, Dan Silver, Morgan Keller and Jadyn Koss.

This Java Jive was a more notable event than normal, since this is the 20th anniversary of this unforgettable night of music and the spoken word. Java Jive has featured 400 poets and 250 musicians in the last 20 years. Hundreds of poems have been shared in the past two decades, and the most recent Java Jive added some beautiful and moving poems to the mix spanning a wide variety of topics such as race, gender, school, anxiety, discrimination, relationships, moving, family and so many more. The first night of Java Jive sold out, and dozens came to enjoy the poems and songs performed by North’s students. At this particular Java Jive we had more music numbers than ever before. These pieces received massive praise and made the evening so much more dynamic.

Keeping the night alive were our two amazing MC’s, seniors Dan Arroyo and Adell Cirrincione. They crafted funny segways to transfer from one act into the next and the crowd adored them as much as I do. On the topic of adoring, Java Jive would not be possible without the brilliant English Department, especially Mr. Reid, Ms. Riccoboni, Ms. Travis, Ms. Sevastian and Ms. Stein-Jackter. They all contributed so much time and effort into Java Jive and transforming the library into our own little coffee house for a night of smooth jazz, smooth poetry and a night that no one will ever forget.


Middle States

(Originally written 12/1/16)

During the last week of November, we had some very special guests at our school, the Middle States committee. Middle States is a committee for higher education and they were here to observe North and decide whether or not they wanted to accredit us for another 7 years. This accreditation means higher viewing standards by colleges and universities. Throughout the week Middle States talked to teachers, staff, students and parents. They observed classrooms, went to numerous meetings with teachers and staff and held group discussions with students to get a feel for the school.

On Friday, December 2nd, Mr.Good spoke on behalf of the Middle States Committee, to give their decision. He started off the meeting by saying we were “a great school, great kids and we really enjoyed ourselves”. He thanked us for having a welcoming attitude and having the committee for the past few days. “Good things are happening here, staff are completely invested in the students and there is substantial student involvement.” These things led the middle states committee to the conclusion that North advances student growth, not only helping students figure out what they want to do but how to get there. They thought that our school’s mission statement was broad and visionary and that the goals are realistic and attainable. The Middle States committee stated they are “confident that the goals and action plans will live on well past this visit” and they awarded us the Middle States Higher Education Accreditation. They thanked us for inviting them into the North Family, as the students would say, even for a short period of time. Ms. Pages then thanked them for coming and for the accreditation and they were on their way.


Rams Pride

It’s time to show your school spirit! Three Students, Emma Resnick, Jackie Kaufman and Erin Nagle, created a Rams Nation Instagram account to ramp up the Rams spirit and get everyone to increase their school pride. The account can be found by searching  “@chsn_nation” on Instagram. They post photos that showcase CHSN and all its happenings. Some recent posts include photos of sunrises at school, green screen photos in front of the North ram, school trips and  football games.

The three students started the account as part of a 20% project for their Marine Bio class.

The 20% project is something that Mrs.Bernasconi does with all of her classes, no matter the grade or class level. The project is hand-picked by the students and can be any subject matter, some students go on internships, research chemicals in food, even create cookbooks. The idea is that students will pick something that they are passionate about, further their learning and curiosity and do good for the community. Since the projects are averaged into their final grades, students get time to work on their projects every Wednesday but also must work on them outside of class in order to be successful.

Erin, Jackie and Emma are going above and beyond by creating a ton of excitement at North. If you want a shout out and to win spirit prizes, follow their account and wait for them to post a North related trivia question. If you are the first to answer the question correctly you can win rams cave gift cards, North colored, purple and gold, bead necklaces or a chsn bracelet.  


Norths No Shave November

North Dance Team made it to Nationals! This is the first year ever that they qualified for the Universal Dance Association National Championships Competition which is to be held in Disney. The competition is February 3rd through the 5th and quite pricey. In order to send all team members to the ESPN complex in Disney the team is fundraising.

The Team held a Battle of the beards, ‘No Shave November’ competition to raise money. The battle was between Mr.Cooper and our very own Rams Horn Advisor, Mr.Celini. Both teachers had to start the competition with a freshly shaven face and see who could grow the longest beard by the end of the month. In order to raise money, students had to guess which teacher they believed would have the longest beard by the end of November and place money in a box labeled, Mr.Celini or Mr.Cooper. The team gave out lollipops to anyone who donated money as a thank you.

Pictures were hung in the mansion of the teachers and their beard progress week by week. There were also two thermometer posters tracking the money raised and so everyone could see who was in the lead at all times. Mr.Cooper ended up winning the competition in the end but Mr.Celini put up a good fight and was very humble about his loss but ready for redemption. Mr.Celini stated that he “wants to see all the teachers get scruffy next year…..I challenge all male teachers to a beard bracket next year”.