Middle States

(Originally written 12/1/16)

During the last week of November, we had some very special guests at our school, the Middle States committee. Middle States is a committee for higher education and they were here to observe North and decide whether or not they wanted to accredit us for another 7 years. This accreditation means higher viewing standards by colleges and universities. Throughout the week Middle States talked to teachers, staff, students and parents. They observed classrooms, went to numerous meetings with teachers and staff and held group discussions with students to get a feel for the school.

On Friday, December 2nd, Mr.Good spoke on behalf of the Middle States Committee, to give their decision. He started off the meeting by saying we were “a great school, great kids and we really enjoyed ourselves”. He thanked us for having a welcoming attitude and having the committee for the past few days. “Good things are happening here, staff are completely invested in the students and there is substantial student involvement.” These things led the middle states committee to the conclusion that North advances student growth, not only helping students figure out what they want to do but how to get there. They thought that our school’s mission statement was broad and visionary and that the goals are realistic and attainable. The Middle States committee stated they are “confident that the goals and action plans will live on well past this visit” and they awarded us the Middle States Higher Education Accreditation. They thanked us for inviting them into the North Family, as the students would say, even for a short period of time. Ms. Pages then thanked them for coming and for the accreditation and they were on their way.


Rams Pride

It’s time to show your school spirit! Three Students, Emma Resnick, Jackie Kaufman and Erin Nagle, created a Rams Nation Instagram account to ramp up the Rams spirit and get everyone to increase their school pride. The account can be found by searching  “@chsn_nation” on Instagram. They post photos that showcase CHSN and all its happenings. Some recent posts include photos of sunrises at school, green screen photos in front of the North ram, school trips and  football games.

The three students started the account as part of a 20% project for their Marine Bio class.

The 20% project is something that Mrs.Bernasconi does with all of her classes, no matter the grade or class level. The project is hand-picked by the students and can be any subject matter, some students go on internships, research chemicals in food, even create cookbooks. The idea is that students will pick something that they are passionate about, further their learning and curiosity and do good for the community. Since the projects are averaged into their final grades, students get time to work on their projects every Wednesday but also must work on them outside of class in order to be successful.

Erin, Jackie and Emma are going above and beyond by creating a ton of excitement at North. If you want a shout out and to win spirit prizes, follow their account and wait for them to post a North related trivia question. If you are the first to answer the question correctly you can win rams cave gift cards, North colored, purple and gold, bead necklaces or a chsn bracelet.  


Toys For Tots

By Corryn Mathis
(Originally written on 12/5/16)

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are coming around, and everyone is ready to go shopping and get gifts for their family. When you’re shopping, please remember to pick up a gift for a child in need. Some families are having a rough time and have trouble affording presents for their children for the holidays. Toys for Tots helps these families in need by collecting toys from generous donors. Toys for Tots was founded by the Marine Corps in the 1970’s, with an original intent to supply toys for military families in need. Since then, it has evolved to help any and all families in need, and has collected over 512 million toys for 237 million children. To help  this number grow, North has set up collection boxes all over the school, so you can donate a new toy to someone in need . These boxes are set up in the annex and main offices from November 28th until December 16th. This is a great way to give back to the community and help a child in need have a great holiday!


Sucessful Senior Bonfire

On Thursday night , 9/22, North held its first bonfire in 7 years. The event was brought back by the PTSA, Brian Huang and the student council, Dr.L, Mrs.Macias and Mrs.Marie. The bonfire was set up on the side of the track and supervised by the AV squad.

The event started at 7pm and upon arrival students could go up to the bonfire to socialize with friends. At 7:30 it was time for the activities to begin; the seniors got to sit on the track while juniors, sophomores and freshman had to sit in the bleachers. 6 activities set up on the turf; tug of war, the whipped cream challenge, wheelbarrow races , a hula hoop contest, water balloon toss and potato sack races. Seniors were chosen at random and allowed start their challenges on the chaperones count. There were many rounds ensuring that everyone got a chance to participate.

Once all the seniors got to play student  council members chose juniors and underclassmen to play the games. To hype everyone up, these students were chosen to play only if they were dancing on the bleachers, showing off their best moves. Once the freshman, sophomores and juniors got to play the games, the specialty rounds of tug of war began. The first round was freshman v sophomores. Next was juniors v seniors and the last round held was the captains of all the varsity sports against each other.

Once the games ended, students started to head out while some stayed a little longer for the bonfire. The event was very successful, and brought a lot of spirit to our school. Senior and school president, Brian Huang, agreed saying “the turnout for the bonfire was amazing, we had over 500 kids from all 4 grades come out and participate and I hope the tradition is continued in years to follow”


Election Preview

by Briana Dana (written 10/14/16)

Ever wonder where North stands with the election?  

According to data gathered by a poll in the library (as shown in chart below), a majority of our students are in favor of democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.  However, there are still a lot of students who prefer Donald Trump.  In order to get more insight on student’s reasoning, I asked a few people to give their detailed opinions on the election.  

A junior at Clarkstown North, Taylor Molyneaux chimed in as to why he supports Clinton, sighting Trump’s “racism towards Mexicans” and “bad immigration policies”.  Similarly, senior Claudia NiBuachalla defends Clinton because “she is for women’s equality”.  

Despite having a fewer number of Trump supporters, those who do support him are not afraid to give their opinions.  Brittney Fata, a junior at North says that “I do not trust Hillary” and trusts Trump’s promise to “make America great again”.  Other supporters of Donald Trump, are intrigued by his unique style and ideas.  Tyler Leoce, a senior here at North says he is voting for Trump because, “He is different than the typical politician.  Trump wants a change in America and he is going to make it happen”.  

No matter what the outcome may be, it will certainly be an election to remember.