by Corryn Mathis (written on 11/6)

The time has finally arrived for Art Honor Society to begin their sale of Turkeygrams! Turkeygrams are painted handprints on pieces of paper that you can design and draw turkeys on for your friends that will be delivered by members of Art Honor Society. Many students write funny messages and drawings, making it fun for their friends to receive. But sales are not limited to your friends, many students also buy Turkeygrams for their teachers, and some teachers even buy them for other faculty members. When you buy a Turkeygram, make sure to write your friend’s name and first period class so it can be delivered to them. They will be delivered to students first period on Tuesday, November 22.

Turkeygrams cost $1 each, and the proceeds go to either a charity of choice or towards art supplies for Elementary Students in East Ramapo. Art has been cut from the budget at East Ramapo, so students there don’t have the opportunity to learn about art and demonstrate their skills. Because of this, some North students in Art Honor Society go to an East Ramapo elementary school after school to teach art to students. The proceeds from Turkeygrams will go toward new art supplies.

This year, Art Honor Society has collected over $200!


Election Preview

by Briana Dana (written 10/14/16)

Ever wonder where North stands with the election?  

According to data gathered by a poll in the library (as shown in chart below), a majority of our students are in favor of democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.  However, there are still a lot of students who prefer Donald Trump.  In order to get more insight on student’s reasoning, I asked a few people to give their detailed opinions on the election.  

A junior at Clarkstown North, Taylor Molyneaux chimed in as to why he supports Clinton, sighting Trump’s “racism towards Mexicans” and “bad immigration policies”.  Similarly, senior Claudia NiBuachalla defends Clinton because “she is for women’s equality”.  

Despite having a fewer number of Trump supporters, those who do support him are not afraid to give their opinions.  Brittney Fata, a junior at North says that “I do not trust Hillary” and trusts Trump’s promise to “make America great again”.  Other supporters of Donald Trump, are intrigued by his unique style and ideas.  Tyler Leoce, a senior here at North says he is voting for Trump because, “He is different than the typical politician.  Trump wants a change in America and he is going to make it happen”.  

No matter what the outcome may be, it will certainly be an election to remember.  



Spirit Week 2016!

by Corryn Mathis

This year’s spirit week was a huge success! Clarkstown North got into the spirit, from dressing like tourists in Hawaii, to showing off their school spirit by wearing purple and gold. For most students, spirit week is their favorite week because they can dress crazy and have fun picking out outfits correlating with the themes.

Students seemed to go all out on the last two days, dressing up for class color wars on Thursday and showing off their purple and gold on Friday.  It was a nice way to end the week considering, spirit week didn’t start out on the strongest note with Hawaiian and college day. On Monday and Tuesday, students had a conflict between whether to dress for picture day or spirit week, so that impacted the number of students who participated in Hawaiian/ Tacky Tourist day and College day. However picture day didn’t stop some students; those who are very dedicated to spirit week still dressed funky, not caring how ridiculous they might look in their picture.

This year, students were able to vote on which themes they wanted for spirit week and the most voted themes were chosen for the week. The winning themes were tacky tourist/Hawaiian Day, College day, and USA vs. Camo day. The majority of the upperclassmen dressed in red, white, and blue on Wednesday, but the lowerclassmen weren’t as spirited for camo day.  I took a poll consisting of  25 students to see which theme was the most favored among the student body and color wars won, overwhelmingly, with 13 votes.  Second place went to USA vs Camo day, followed by School Spirit day. Tacky Tourist/Hawaiian and college day tied for last, which I found surprising because those themes were chosen by the student body. However, class color wars is a classic; students get the opportunity to represent their class and claim the title of being the most spirited class. Students seemed to enjoy, spirit week this year, making it a huge hit.


Cloud of Color run, held at Clarkstown North High School to benefit Hospice and Grad Night


This was the second annual run, led by Ellen Lehner, Geanette Katz, Jan Klein and Tracie Koppel. Last year the event raised approximately $14000 and this year the event made about $1200; the proceeds will be split evenly between Hospice and Grad Night. The race was held on Sunday, May 15th and check in was 9am. The event was $25 if you registered before hand and $30 for walk in registration.

There was a dj to get everyone pumped up for the run, a face painting table held by North students, Nikki Askenas and Lexi Streitman, and raffles from 53 local companies; Rocco’s, Twist & Shake, Body Bank Fitness and Tme Nails, to name a few. The run started at 10am, was 2 miles and included 5 color stations; at these stations, volunteers threw colored cornstarch at the runners to create ‘a cloud of color’ and stain the white shirts that were provided to the runners before the race. By the end of the 2 miles, runners were covered in pink, yellow, green, purple and blue powder, leaving runners looking tie tied.

Once runners passed the finish line water bottles, bananas, frozen yogurt from 16 Handles and bagels from Goldberg’s were available for runners to refuel. The runners were also handed color packets, which were then used to create a huge cloud of color. Everyone then gathered on the track, opened their packets, and threw the colored powder into the air at the same time. Volunteers also shot extra color out of mini color cannons.

 Friends and family members had a blast attacking each other with every color power possible. Runner, Jill Teitelbaum, said “The color run was so much fun, and it was so great knowing that we were running for two great causes. I can’t wait to participate in it again next year”. The run was a great time for both, runners and volunteers. Although volunteers didn’t get to run the course, they joined in on the post run, cloud of color festivities.