The first Clarkstown First Robotics Team

By Gregory Chang

(Originally submitted April 24, 2017)

Team 6401, the 8-bit RAMs was formed this year in 2016.  As a team who wants to have an impact on the world, we not only meet the standards, but go beyond expectations.  The team’s motto “Now is the time to make a difference” emphasizes the perseverance and determination each member has towards the development of robotics.  We started by competing in the Brunswick Eruption robotics scrimmage, and winning the Future Glory Award which foreshadowed our glamorous glory to come.  Recently, we participated in the First Robotics Competition which was held at RCC.  The competition included over 50 teams from all around the world.  We ended up doing outstanding in the competition and was awarded the Rookie All Star award!  With this award, Clarkstown North’s very own First Robotics Team will be traveling to St. Louis to compete against the best teams around the world in the First Robotics Finals.  Sponsored by Orange and Rockland, Toshiba, and NASA, the 8-bit RAMs have a future of eminence to look forward to.  GO 8-bit RAMs!

Mr. Celini

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