Middle States

(Originally written 12/1/16)

During the last week of November, we had some very special guests at our school, the Middle States committee. Middle States is a committee for higher education and they were here to observe North and decide whether or not they wanted to accredit us for another 7 years. This accreditation means higher viewing standards by colleges and universities. Throughout the week Middle States talked to teachers, staff, students and parents. They observed classrooms, went to numerous meetings with teachers and staff and held group discussions with students to get a feel for the school.

On Friday, December 2nd, Mr.Good spoke on behalf of the Middle States Committee, to give their decision. He started off the meeting by saying we were “a great school, great kids and we really enjoyed ourselves”. He thanked us for having a welcoming attitude and having the committee for the past few days. “Good things are happening here, staff are completely invested in the students and there is substantial student involvement.” These things led the middle states committee to the conclusion that North advances student growth, not only helping students figure out what they want to do but how to get there. They thought that our school’s mission statement was broad and visionary and that the goals are realistic and attainable. The Middle States committee stated they are “confident that the goals and action plans will live on well past this visit” and they awarded us the Middle States Higher Education Accreditation. They thanked us for inviting them into the North Family, as the students would say, even for a short period of time. Ms. Pages then thanked them for coming and for the accreditation and they were on their way.

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