Black and White Student Art Exhibit

by Corryn Mathis

This year, Art Honor Society is hosting three student-led art exhibits. The second one was the Black and White exhibit.  Students had the opportunity to display their artwork (of any medium) in the exhibit, as long as it was composed in black and white. Any student could submit their work to the exhibit, even if they’re not taking art classes.  This was a great opportunity for students to show off their work and enjoy the work of others. The entire exhibit is composed of student work, and it was organized by students.

The last student exhibit is Inspiration Nation, and it was a huge success as well!



by Corryn Mathis (written on 11/6)

The time has finally arrived for Art Honor Society to begin their sale of Turkeygrams! Turkeygrams are painted handprints on pieces of paper that you can design and draw turkeys on for your friends that will be delivered by members of Art Honor Society. Many students write funny messages and drawings, making it fun for their friends to receive. But sales are not limited to your friends, many students also buy Turkeygrams for their teachers, and some teachers even buy them for other faculty members. When you buy a Turkeygram, make sure to write your friend’s name and first period class so it can be delivered to them. They will be delivered to students first period on Tuesday, November 22.

Turkeygrams cost $1 each, and the proceeds go to either a charity of choice or towards art supplies for Elementary Students in East Ramapo. Art has been cut from the budget at East Ramapo, so students there don’t have the opportunity to learn about art and demonstrate their skills. Because of this, some North students in Art Honor Society go to an East Ramapo elementary school after school to teach art to students. The proceeds from Turkeygrams will go toward new art supplies.

This year, Art Honor Society has collected over $200!


Election Preview

by Briana Dana (written 10/14/16)

Ever wonder where North stands with the election?  

According to data gathered by a poll in the library (as shown in chart below), a majority of our students are in favor of democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.  However, there are still a lot of students who prefer Donald Trump.  In order to get more insight on student’s reasoning, I asked a few people to give their detailed opinions on the election.  

A junior at Clarkstown North, Taylor Molyneaux chimed in as to why he supports Clinton, sighting Trump’s “racism towards Mexicans” and “bad immigration policies”.  Similarly, senior Claudia NiBuachalla defends Clinton because “she is for women’s equality”.  

Despite having a fewer number of Trump supporters, those who do support him are not afraid to give their opinions.  Brittney Fata, a junior at North says that “I do not trust Hillary” and trusts Trump’s promise to “make America great again”.  Other supporters of Donald Trump, are intrigued by his unique style and ideas.  Tyler Leoce, a senior here at North says he is voting for Trump because, “He is different than the typical politician.  Trump wants a change in America and he is going to make it happen”.  

No matter what the outcome may be, it will certainly be an election to remember.