Album review: Sound & Color- Alabama Shakes


After their 2012 critically acclaimed debut album, Boys & Girls, the sophomore Alabama Shakes album has been highly anticipated.  Sound & Color lives up to those expectations.  With raw instrumentation and little to no help from a computer, the album is not only honest, but sonically very well done.  The skill level of guitar, bass, piano, and more stands out on this album and sets it apart from some other recent number ones.  Despite the fact that its genre can be classified as alternative, it is clearly influenced by anything from jazz to folk, depending on the track.  This proves that the band can diversify their sound while staying true to their roots.  To top it all off, lead singer Brittany Howard’s vocals tie the whole album together, giving it an overall relaxed yet beautiful vibe.

Best tracks:

  • “Sound & Color”- The title and opening track perfectly sets the stage for the album, with an anticipating intro finished off by a smooth, inviting song.
  • “The Greatest”- This is a stand out track on the album because of its fast pace and classic rock & roll vibe.
  • “Gemini”- This six minute track takes its time to progress but finishes off with an excellent guitar solo.


Mr. Celini

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