Album review: The Album About Nothing – Wale


Wale has released the third installment of his series of Seinfeld-inspired projects.  The Album About Nothing presents a unique contrast between Jerry Seinfeld’s comical intro on each song and the slow, trap-influenced tones of the songs themselves.  Sonically, the album features strong, cohesive production and the drowsy, dark style that has been popular in hip-hop lately (see Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late).  Lyrically, Wale touches upon many topics including his roots, wanting to quit hip-hop, race, and personal relationships.  Overall, the album is most notable for being unique and set apart from most hip-hop albums today.

Best tracks:

  • “The Pessimist” ft. J. Cole- This track is Wale’s chance to express his views on current racial issues, which he does in a mature and tasteful manner.
  • “The Need To Know” ft. SZA- SZA’s vocals almost outshine Wale’s rhymes, but the two make a good team on this smooth alternative R&B jam.
  • “The Bloom (AG3)”- This one sticks out as a fun, upbeat track among an album otherwise filled with heavier, more somber songs.

Mr. Celini

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