Varsity Baseball: Rams v. Pirates (4/2/12)

by Kyle Unger

Game #1 @ Pearl River

Hello baseball fans! Yes, it’s that time of year again! As a part of the team I don’t intend to speak in first person, just in case people were wondering. I was also on the varsity basketball team, but I had dislocated my knee which did not allow me to play the entire season, but to be a sideline supporter. Now, I am excited to play for the varsity baseball team, as are 17 others on the squad. The season was underway as of April 2nd,  when they opened up at Pearl River. 2011 All-Section TJ Margiotta (#24) had the away start against the Pirates. He pitched for 5 innings, only allowing 3 runs. Along with the great pitching, he drove in a couple of runs himself with his hitting. In the top of the first, the Rams scored 6 runs to give TJ, a senior, some breathing room going into the bottom of the first. As well as TJ, junior Kevin Kolesar (#23), junior Kyle Unger (#15), junior Jake Salesky (#11) and senior Kyle Quigley (#28) had clutch hits as well to knock in a couple of runs, or to start off an inning to begin a rally. The Rams came out with great intensity as they breezed past the Pirates, 11-4, Margiotta getting the win, and junior Josh Forman (#22) sealing the deal to provide the Rams a happy bus ride home. It was a great way to start the season as they play the Falcons of Albertus Magnus tomorrow, but in Haverstraw at Peck’s Pond because of field difficulties. Come and support the Rams!