“What if…..”

As we start the school year, I always get approached by apprehensive teachers that don’t want to try anything new or take risks in their classroom. And I get it…. putting away my sunscreen and beach towel for red pens and routine is hard enough.

What if the students post something bad………”

What if I can’t see something they wrote ….that is bad….”

What if kids delete….”



Embracing every new trick, trend or technology isn’t easy for everyone. You have to go at a pace that is comfortable to you. Start with small goals that are obtainable.


Here is my response to teachers that resist trying new tools in their classroom:

What if your grading bag got lighter because it became digital?”

What if you knew walking into class who did and didn’t do their hw?”

What if you never had to give back an assignment in class and go over the feedback because it was all given live on the assignment?”

What if you never lose an assignment again because it is all stored digitally?”

What if you never have an argument about a student that ‘handed it in’ because it tracked the record of that digitally?”

What if your kids became collaborative and global learners because you provided them an easy opportunity to do so using technology?”

What if your job became just a little more efficient?”


These are just a few questions I ask myself when teachers don’t want to embrace Google Classroom or other technologies with their students.




  • Our job is getting harder with more expectations and motivation to try new things is hard. I get it.
  • However, It is our job to teach 21st century and global skills.
  • Technology can’t replace good teaching, but good teaching must embrace the ever expanding and evolving technology.
  • Last Fact: I had time to write this blog post because I finished my grading in advance because my students handed in their assignments in advance on Google Classroom.

Have a great weekend.

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