Philosophy and Objectives

The CHSN Art Department
Statement of Philosophy

The CHSN Art Department provides an educational program that challenges the interests and imaginations of students while developing their skills in fabrication as well as working both expressively and from observation.  Our program stresses the value of originality, diversity and critical thinking.  By establishing an environment that encourages self-awareness and mutual respect, students are empowered to engage in creative problem solving through visual communication.

The CHSN Art Department is committed to providing students with opportunities to make art, analyze art both verbally and in writing, and study artistic movements and trends.  These experiences function as the foundation from which we encourage and guide students in the development of significant ideas that are reflections of, and reflect upon the world in which they live.

The CHSN Art Department strives to realize its philosophy through the offering of a variety of both foundation and elective courses, through its commitment to providing artistic opportunities and experiences both within and beyond the school walls, and through its attention to individualized instruction that promotes critical thinking, self-exploration and self-reflection.

The CHSN Art Department

1.    To enhance students’ problem solving skills and critical thinking via a process oriented approach.

2.    To expand students’ understanding of and respect for cultural diversity and divergent points of view.

3.    To encourage self-awareness, self-esteem and the ability to make decisions both independently and cooperatively.

4.    To guide students in the development of skills and techniques necessary to communicate visually.

5.    To guide students in the development of skills and techniques necessary to work both expressively and from observation.

6.    To expand students’ visual vocabulary via art history lectures, field trips and visiting artists.

7.    To expose students to a wide range of materials and resources, both traditional and electronic.

8.    To provide counseling and foundation training for students who plan to pursue a career in art.

9.    To encourage students’ participation in local, state and national competitions and publications.

10.    To offer a wide range of opportunities to display students’ art work in classrooms, hallways, showcases, the school library gallery, the school internet gallery and at the local public library.

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