Welcome to Is It Art-What’s your definition?

How do you define art? Does it have to be pretty? Does it have to make you feel something? Does it have to match your coach?!

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Click here for our first set of artists up for debate.

Be prepared to participate in discussions in class.

Assignment: Consider what your definition of art is and then challenge it by doing some research and speaking with classmates.

Reflect: Before reading the linked article, Write your definition of what art is.

Eplore: Read the linked article.  Find a work of art from the article that you think is interesting that does not fit your definition of art. Do an internet search to find out a little more information on the artist. Write down the names of other artists of interest that you may come across while searching

Question: How does this new work make you reconsider your definition of art? Write down any new additions that you need to make to your definition.

Shepard Fairey-Appropriation or Theft

We are all familiar with the infamous Obama “Hope” image used during the 2008 Presidential Elections.  But did you know there has been a court battle over that work ever since?

Click here to begin reading about the case.  Then continue your research so that you can present both the affirmative and negative of this case with your group.

Assignment: Availability of information/imagery online can lead to issues of ownership. Consider your position on this topic by reading this article and working with classmates to present both affirmative and negative arguments.

Reflect: “Yes” and “No” points were made in the article. What points can you add to these lists? (You may need to look up the definitions for the following words/phrases to help your search: Copyright infringement, appropriation, public domain)

Explore: Search online to find facts to support arguments in your “yes” and “no” columns.  Search online to find more information on the Sheppard Fairey Case.

Question: Consider your internet usage. Have you ever been the victim or perpetrator of image appropriation (i.e. images from your facebook taken without your knowledge or permission)? Is there any connection between this and the Sheppard Fairey case?

Do Hu Soh-Do the art materials make it art?

Do Hu Soh is a contemporary South Korean artist who uses a wide array of materials in his works.

Click here to begin your research on his style and content.

Assignment: Contemporary art has redefined what art materials are, and how viewers interact with art. Read the linked article in preparation for our viewing of the Art21 video on Do Hu Soh.

Reflect: As your read the linked article, consider how Do Yu Soh’s installations force the viewer to be a participant in his works. Write down how you might react walking across the dog tags in his piece Some/One.


Write down your definition of a self portrait. As you read the article write down how that definition has changed based on the works of So Hu Soh.

Explore: Do further research on Do Hu Soh and other contemporary South Korean Artists.

Question: Consider how a person’s culture impacts the type of artwork they make.

or why do artists move away from traditional art materials?