Art and Science: Matisse at the Museum of Modern Art

mattise bathers

Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913-1917 is due to open at the Museum of Modern Art next week.  Of particular interest in this show is the use of modern technology to view beneath the surface of a painting to see the progression of style as the work was being created. The NY Times article on the topic includes an interactive look at the painting “Bathers by the River” which was painted between 1909-1917.  This work was created during a span of years in which artistic periods and stylistic approaches were rapidly evolving.

Assignment: View the interactive link for the painting above.  Describe the visual evolution of this painting.

Reflect: What aspects of Matisse’s style remain evident in the painting version from 1909 vs. the final version in 1917?

What aspects of Matisse’s style changes from the first to the final version?

Explore:    Search other works, by other painters, from this period in European Painting.  How is the final version of Bathers in the River reflective of work being created at this time?

Question: Document questions that you may have after reading the article and exploring the interactive version of the painting.